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SAIT is one of the largest providers of professional and leadership development training in Western Canada. With more than 100 business courses and customized group training options, we provide the broad and specific skills needed to help your employees — and your organization — succeed.

Business and leadership offerings

Accounting and finance

Managing the flow of your money is essential to operating a profitable — and legal — business. From introductory to advanced financial management, our seasoned instructors come from every sector of the industry, bringing real-world expertise and an overview of various specialities in the accounting profession.

Administrative skills

Skilled and well-rounded administrative professionals are essential to your business running smoothly. Investing in professional development for your administrative staff can significantly improve retention, increase productivity, reduce the amount of time on-boarding new staff, and ultimately, save your company valuable time and money.

We offer a series of short, workshop-style courses designed specifically for administrative professionals. Whether it's communication and teamwork or learning to solve business problems using up-to-date software and technology, our knowledgeable instructors will provide practical training for immediate on-the-job applications.

Employment law

To ensure a positive workplace it is imperative organizations have an understanding of the laws, regulations and standards applicable to management. Proper training mitigates risk and liability within your organization and reduces the number of resources spent on escalated employer-employee related issues.

Topics include health and safety in the workplace, human rights issues, privacy rights, employment contracts and more. Our industry-experienced instructors will provide the legal perspectives, strategies and solutions required to gain a full understanding of employment law within your organization.


Effective managers are indispensable to successful organizations. Research suggests people do not leave organizations, they leave managers. This can mean substantial costs to an organization for recruitment, engagement and subsequent retention, as well as indirect costs associated with the loss of corporate intelligence and the impact on morale.

We can help develop your employees — whether they are aspiring, new or current managers. Our interactive courses and practical workshops will provide supervisors with the essential skills and tools required to mobilize a team, communicate and delegate effectively, understand diversity and manage conflict with it arises.

Lean management

Lean thinking has become an enterprise-wide philosophy and a business improvement system that when applied successfully, can help tap into innovative thinking, break down barriers to resolving key issues and deliver extraordinary results.

Our seminars and courses provide strategic and tactical techniques to apply lean management skills within your own workplace. Whether your business is in healthcare, information technology, energy or manufacturing — the principles learned are applicable to all industries and sectors.

Operational excellence

Execute better and deliver more effectively than the competition. Operational excellence is a toolkit for driving improvements in your business and building a culture that puts effort into strengthing efficiency.

Organizations and leaders who truly understand the ongoing importance of operational excellence will also adopt a philosophy of continuous improvement — it's not what you do, but how you think. With this training, your employees will have the confidence and ability to continually analyze, measure and evaluate success in order to improve again and again.

Project management

Effective project management benefits all areas of your organization. Trained project managers have the skillset to manage people and resources to get projects done on time, on scope and within budget.

Facilitated by professionals with industry experience, our courses can help your team lock down the essentials of project management in order to achieve strategic business objectives.

SAIT is a global Registered Education Provider with the Project Management Institute (PMI®) — the leading nonprofit professional association in the area of project management.

Marketing and sales

Marketing and sales are critical to the success of any business and it's imperative your employees stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends.

We provide interactive, workshop-style courses to help your team make sense of social networking, search engine optimization, mobile applications and more. With hands-on training, your technical experts will learn to leverage their expertise in a sales or sales support role and ultimately help increase annual revenue, improve customer satisfaction and drive more sales.

Supply chain management

Get your team up-to-speed in the rapidly growing and complex supply chain industry. We deliver courses on behalf of the Supply Chain Management Association of Alberta, one of Canada's leading professional associations, setting standards of excellence for workforce skills and knowledge in the supply chain industry.

Using a blend of technical and hands-on training, your employees will learn to effectively manage upstream and downstream supply chain activities including procurement, logistics, transportation and operations. Your team will also benefit greatly from courses that focus on critical skills in supply chain management like negotiation, competitive bidding and contract management, marketing, accounting and more.


The transfer of knowledge and skills within the workplace is central to an organizations growth while helping to alleviate some of the most common challenges facing today's workforce. Developing a culture of sharing can reduce employee turnover, increase engagement, bridge skill gaps and assist with the onboarding of new practitioners.

As part of your organization's knowledge management strategy, you'll need to ensure your employees have the tools and techniques required to effectively share valuable information and impart essential skills. Our train-the-trainer courses help turn your in-house experts into educators. Our courses explore the principles of adult learning, teaching techniques, consensus building and mentoring, in addition to instructional design and development.

Delivered through two-day workshops, our courses can also be applied towards the Certified Training Practitioner designation offered through the Institute for Performance and Learning.

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