We are committed to working with employers who value a diverse and inclusive workforce. Our team works closely with SAIT's Equity, Diversity and Inclusion team to ensure everyone in the SAIT community can access job search support. 

Connect with top talent

We offer opportunities to connect directly with current SAIT students and alumni through industry mentorship and networking.

Industry mentorship program

Transform the future by using your professional expertise to help shape a student’s career path within your industry!

Become a mentor and enhance your leadership skills and personal growth with SAIT’s Industry Mentorship Program.

This 12-week program aims to provide students with the opportunity to develop their communication skills, build their professional network, enhance their understanding of the workplace and explore potential career paths.

Next program date: Feb. 5 - April 19, 2024

How long will I mentor for? What is the time requirement?

The program will run for 12 weeks and we suggest meeting for one hour per week over this time to develop a meaningful relationship. Please note that there is a suggested minimum of six hours but it will depend on you and your mentees availability.

Will training be provided?

Yes, absolutely.

Yes.You will have access to comprehensive training through My Career Hub as well as a mentorship training and activity guide. The training is intended to give a program overview and guide the connection between you and your mentee but it is flexible. Once you’ve established a relationship you and your mentee are encouraged to steer the mentorship to best suit your schedules, personalities, interests etc.

Am I required to find/offer my mentee a job?

No. The main purpose of this program is to reach the goals and objectives outlined by you and your mentee. You are welcome to offer your mentee a long or short-term position with your company, but it is not a program requirement.

How are mentees recruited?

This program is open to all current students at SAIT and will be promoted across campus both online and in person. Any student interested in becoming a mentee will be required to complete an online application through My Career Hub and also attend a mandatory information session. Once submitted, the program administrators will go through each application and approve or decline the request.

How are mentees matched with mentors?

Both mentors and mentees are required to complete the online application form through My Career Hub. Once the applications have been submitted and approved, the system will automatically make suggestions for connections based on a percentage of compatibility. Our aim is to match pairs with compatibility of 80% or more. The program coordinator will go through each suggested connection and confirm the match.

Do we meet in person or virtually?

It is up to what you and your mentee are comfortable with. You will have the opportunity to connect via email once you have been matched so you can decide how you would like to meet with that first interaction. If you decide to have some meetings in person and some virtually, or a combination of both that’s OK too.

What happens if I don't get along with my mentee?

If you don’t feel like you and your mentee are the right match, we suggest the following steps; 

  1. Speak with your mentee about your concerns and see if you can come to a resolution together
  2. If you cannot come to a resolution or you are not comfortable with speaking to your mentee about this, please reach out to your program coordinator by emailing oscar.chavez@sait.ca  
  3. If the issue can still not be resolved, we will look at ending the mentorship and finding a new mentee. If there are no mentees available, you will need to wait until the next semester’s program. There are opportunities to host an Industry Mentorship Circle and join Ten Thousand Coffees with SAIT.

My mentee hasn't messaged me or is not responding - what can I do?

If you have emailed your mentee, remember to check your junk/spam folder in case their response has ended up there.

If you have checked your junk/spam folder and have still not heard back, please contact your program coordinator and we will look into it for you. In the event that we do not hear back from your mentee either, we will remove them from the program and try to match you with a new mentee (depending on availability).

My mentee no-showed to our scheduled meeting. What can I do?

Again, we suggest checking your junk/spam folder in case an email is there notifying you of their cancellation. If they have not contacted you to postpone the meeting, please let your program coordinator know and we will follow up with the mentee. In the event that we do not hear back from your mentee either or this happens on more than one occasion, we will remove them from the program and try to match you with a new mentee (depending on availability).

How do I evaluate my effectiveness?

You are encouraged to ask your mentee directly for feedback. One of the programs learning outcomes and goals is “requesting and receiving feedback” so leading by example is a great way to mentor.

What other supports are available to mentors?

Your program administrators are here to assist where we can. Please do not hesitate to email oscar.chavez@sait.ca or arrange a meeting if you have any questions or concerns throughout the program.

There will also be a selection of resources available in the My Career Hub "Resources" tab.

What do I do when I don't know what to do?

Again, please reach out to your program coordinator to ask for assistance! If it’s an answer to a question you’re not sure of, we encourage you to be transparent with your mentee and tell them that you don’t know but will find out for them.

If you feel something is outside your role as a mentor, please refer your mentee to SAIT’s health, wellness and safety resources.

Become an industry mentor

Are you interested in participating in the industry mentorship program, Ten Thousand Coffees or industry mentorship circles?

Complete our online form, and we'll contact you with the next steps.

Apply to be an industry mentor

Ten Thousand Coffees

With the shift to remote work, it can feel almost impossible to connect directly with students and alumni – that’s where Ten Thousand Coffees (10KC) comes in.

10KC is a platform that allows students, alumni, and employers to connect and build meaningful relationships through virtual informal coffee chats, in order to keep the conversation and collaboration flowing.

Industry mentorship circles

Host a virtual or in-person industry mentorship circle, where we invite experienced professionals to lead an open discussion about career preparation with SAIT students and alumni.

Topics may include smart networking strategies, tips for navigating the workplace, career search techniques, and more.

As the mentor, you get to decide on the topic. However, we’re always happy to offer up suggestions!

Hire a SAIT student or alumnus

Whether you're looking for emerging talent to fill an internship or entry-level position or seeking an experienced professional for a senior role, we've got you covered.

My Career Hub

My Career Hub allows employers to advertise job opportunities to SAIT students and alumni for free. With over 30,000 registered users, it serves as an online portal to all things career advancement at SAIT.

The site also contains a resource library with essential links and resources about federal grants for hiring summer students, employer rights and responsibilities, and tips for writing an effective job ad.

Join My Career Hub to post job opportunities and register for on-campus recruitment events like Career Fair. To sign up, visit My Career Hub, select "Employers," and complete the registration form.

Once your account has been approved, you can log in using the email address and password you used during registration.

Create your My Career Hub account

Employer sessions

Employer sessions are a great way to promote your organization and share upcoming job opportunities with students and recent graduates.

Target your session to a specific SAIT school or program, and customize your event for networking or recruitment.

Request an employer session

Contact us at student.employment@sait.ca for more information on industry nights, presentations for our student clubs and on-campus interview sessions.

Work integrated learning

Did you know you can hire a practicum/co-op student, or your organization can submit a project for one of our many capstone courses?

Learn more about work-integrated learning opportunities

Additional resources for employers

Government of Alberta

Resources for employers in Alberta looking to recruit newcomers to Canada. The Alberta government also offers an online tool for Diversity Training for Employers.

Government of Canada

Information on hiring and training students, apprentices and skilled foreign workers.

Pride at Work Canada

Train your organization on LGBT inclusion by enrolling in Pride at Work Canada’s online program.

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