Program details

LEADS students work three to five hours per week in on-campus student leadership roles.

You can enhance your communication skills in these positions and focus on personal and interpersonal development. 

You'll explore the foundations of leadership in professional development workshops and activities to identify and build upon your unique leadership style and learn strategies to support mental health, safety and equity needs across campus. Attendance at LEADS training and development workshops is mandatory and counts towards your participation hours.

Leaders must be able to work during the day, in between, before and after classes, occasionally on evenings and weekends, and during exam-dense periods.

As a student leader, you’ll build your skills through hands-on work experience, leadership training and professional development opportunities throughout the year.

Finally, you’ll gain credit for your co-curricular record.

Eligibility requirements

To be eligible for the LEADS program, you must:

  • be a full-time student in a credentialed program at SAIT
  • in your second semester or after
  • have at least one semester remaining in your program
  • be in good academic standing (TGPA or TIGPA above 2.5)
  • be in good conduct standing as verified by the Office of Community Conduct.

Leadership position commitments are for at least one semester, with preference being given to students with two or more semesters remaining.

Hiring LEADS students

Are you interested in hiring LEADS students in your program, school or department?

Hiring LEADS students for just a few hours each week can help augment and improve student engagement programming, develop new student-centred initiatives, and support student success within your school or department.

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