Transcripts detailing accepted courses from the below PSIs will be accepted without an international document assessment.

Although we will accept these courses, they are not considered direct equivalents to Alberta Education courses. This information is for admission to SAIT credit programs only.

Universal College Bangladesh (UCB)

Course name/code Equivalency
Accounting - MUF0021 & MUF0022 Alberta Education’s Accounting 30 (both course codes required)
Biology - MUF0031 & MUF0032 Alberta Education’s Biology 30 (both course codes required)
Chemistry - MUF0041 & MUF0042 Alberta Education's Chemistry 30 (both course codes required)
Economics - MUF0061 & MUF0062 Alberta Education's Economics 30 (both course codes required)
English - MUF0011 & MUF0012 Alberta Education's English 30-1 (both course codes required)
Fundamental Mathematics - MUF0141 & MUF0142 Alberta Education's Math 10C (both course codes required)
Global Studies - MUF0131 & MUF0132 Alberta Education's Social Studies 30-1 (both course codes required)
Information and Communication Technology - MUF0051 & MUF0052 Alberta Education's Information Technology 30 (both course codes required)
Mathematics - MUF0091 & MUF0092 Alberta Education's Math 30-2 (both course codes required)
Advanced Mathematics - MUF0101 & MUF0102 Alberta Education's Math 30-1 (both courses codes required)

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