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Today's students in Canada are more diverse than previous generations - they are more likely to be workers, parents and returning adults - and do not always follow a single and consistent path to employment 

Stacking or bundling credentials has emerged as an increasingly popular higher education enrolment strategy to support students who want to develop career skills but may not have the flexibility in their schedules to commit to a longer-term program 

International students can apply for two consecutive programs at the same time to create a program bundle. 

Benefits of a SAIT program bundle

A two-year certificate program bundle provides you with,

  • a seamless application process, with the one-time application fee and a combined letter of acceptance for programs full duration
  • the ability to qualify for a post-graduation work permit for up to three years maximum 
  • the opportunity to apply for only one study permit to cover both programs
  • the option to work part-time on and off campus while studying and full-time during scheduled breaks.

Upon successful completion of both programs, you will receive a one-year post-diploma certificate and a one-year certificate competition letter required to obtain a post-graduate work permit. 

How to apply for a bundle

Once you have reviewed the admission requirements for both programs in a bundle, sign into the admission portal to begin your application. 

When selecting your programs, your first choice should be the program that will be delivered in year one; the second choice program will be the program delivered in year two. 

The estimated total cost of each available bundle for a full-time international student will be a combination of the international tuition and fees found on both program pages.

Available bundles 

Select programs at SAIT are offered as bundles at this time. Check back for additional offerings. 

Certificate bundle 

Cyber Security for Control Systems + Management and Leadership 

Offered Year one  Year two
  • Fall 2024
Cyber Security for Control Systems Management and Leadership

Data Analytics + Management and Leadership 

Offered Year one  Year two 
  • Winter 2024
  • Spring 2024
  • Fall 2024
Data Analytics Management and Leadership

Diploma bundle

English Language Foundations and Business Administration

To apply for this bundle, select the "Intl English + Diploma" program on your application.

Offered Year one  Year two and three*
  • Currently not offered
English Language Foundations Business Administration - Accounting 
Business Administration - Financial Services
Business Administration - Human Resources Management 
Business Administration - Management 
Business Administration - Marketing 
Business Administration - Supply Chain Management

 *Students entering the Business Administration diploma will apply for "Business Administration" and will declare their major in the second year of the program.

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