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For program-related inquiries, please contact Academic Advising or book an appointment to speak to an advisor. 

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School of Business
Academic advising

NN701, Senator Burns Building, SAIT Main Campus

403.284.8485 business.advising@sait.ca

Monday - Friday | 8 am - 4:00 pm

Academic advisors
Andrew Julio Academic Advisor
BBA Year 1
BA/BBA Marketing
Marketing Certificate
403.284.7162 andrew.julio@sait.ca
Erin Wordie Academic Advisor
FT. BA Diploma - Year 1
403.284.7309 erin.wordie@sait.ca
Gillian Peel Academic Advisor
BA/BBA Supply Chain Management
Advanced Standing
PT. BA Diploma - General
403.284.7002 gillian.peel@sait.ca
Grace Mindanao Academic Advisor
BBA Accounting
BADM (Applied Degree)
Library Information Technology
Information and Records Management
403.284.8743 grace.mindanao@sait.ca 
Michelle Richards Academic Advisor
Accounting Certificate
BA Accounting
BA/BBA Financial Services
403.774.5333 michelle.richards@sait.ca
Vicki Norris Academic Advisor
BA/BBA Management
BA/BBA Human Resources
Business & Entrepreneurship Certificate
Management Certificate
403.284.7099 vicki.norris@sait.ca
Yuko Simms Academic Advisor
Administrative Information Management
Office Professional
Legal Assistant
Community Economic Development Certificate
403.284.4886 yuko.simms@sait.ca
Lexsu Chen International Student Advisor
403.774.5381 lexsu.chen@sait.ca
Joey Post Work Integrated Learning Coordinator 403.284.8349 joey.post@sait.ca
Margerri Pilao Manager, Academic Advising and Program Administration 403.284.7123 margerri.pilao@sait.ca
Justin Oliveros Administrative Assistant justin.oliveros@sait.ca
Courtney Johnston Student Engagement Officer 403.284.7094 courtney.johnston@sait.ca
Administrative Information Management, Legal Assistant and Office Professional
Dave Warner Academic Chair 403.284.8697 dave.warner@sait.ca
Business degree and diploma first year
Rose Campbell Academic Chair
403.210.4238 rose.campbell@sait.ca
Ross Humby Academic Chair
403.774.5112 ross.humby@sait.ca
Business degree and diploma majors
Gursher Pannu Academic Chair
(Management and Human Resource Management)
403.774.5161 gursher.pannu@sait.ca
Jeremy Garton Academic Chair
(Supply Chain Management) 
403.284.8276 jeremy.garton@sait.ca
Ross Humby Academic Chair
403.774.5112 ross.humby@sait.ca
Sarah Fillier Academic Chair
403.774.5152 sarah.fillier@sait.ca
Doug Cronk Academic Chair
(Financial Services)
403.774.5269 doug.cronk@sait.ca
Journalism and Library Information Technology
Loanne Benner Academic Chair 403.774.4707 loanne.benner@sait.ca
Program assistant
Jayme Bennett Program Assistant 403.284.8873 jayme.bennett@sait.ca
Aman Khangura Program Assistant 403.210.5831 aman.khangura@sait.ca
Kendriu Pacheco Program Assistant 403.210.5831 kendriu.pacheco@sait.ca
Part-time programs
Grace McKenna Academic Chair (Business Part-time studies) 403.284.8160 grace.mckenna@sait.ca
Lynn Gee Program Administrator 403.774.5245 lynn.gee@sait.ca
Mike Jones Training Consultant 403.210.4512 mike.jones@sait.ca
Joseph MacDonald Training Consultant 403.284.8404 joseph.macdonald@sait.ca
Curriculum administrator
Averill McPherson Purpura Curriculum Administrator 403.284.8405 averill.mcphersonpurpura@sait.ca
Office of Dean and Associate Dean
Janet Segato Dean 403.210.4505 janet.segato@sait.ca
Karen Baldwin Associate Dean 403.284.8597 karen.baldwin@sait.ca
Shandra McQueen Executive Assistant 403.210.4240 shandra.mcqueen@sait.ca
Gillian Peel Business Operations Coordinator 403.284.7002 gillian.peel@sait.ca
Sadeem Shaikh Project Specialist 403.774.4831 sadeem.shaikh@sait.ca

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