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The Universal Transit Pass or UPass program is a partnership initiative between Calgary Transit and participating post-secondary schools in the city of Calgary, including SAIT.

A SAIT UPass gives full-time students unlimited access to Calgary Transit services during the Fall, Winter and Spring/Summer terms. Eligible students can access their UPass directly on their mobile devices through the My Fare app, available on Google Play (Android) or the App Store (Apple iOS).

The UPass fee is charged per term and is included in tuition and fees for most full-time programs at SAIT.

Your pass is not transferable to another individual.

When is my UPass valid?

A new UPass is valid per term:

  • Fall term: September 1 – December 31
  • Winter term: January 1 – April 30
  • Spring/Summer term: May 1 – August 31

How do I get my UPass?

Download the free Calgary Transit My Fare app on the App Store (Apple iOS) or Google Play (Android).

SAIT has already confirmed your UPass eligibility with Calgary Transit.

WATCH: How to create an account for the SAIT UPass in My Fare account

  • Click on the menu in the top right corner of the My Fare app (the 3 lines) and select Profile
    • click on the New Account tab
    • click on the button Sign up using Calgary myID
    • scroll down to New to myID
    • then click on create a Calgary myID account using your SAIT email address (@edu.sait.ca)
    • You will create your own username and password

Learn more about your SAIT Email and Logins

A verification code will be sent to your SAIT email address (@edu.sait.ca). Enter your unique verification code into the My Fare app. If you are not receiving the verification code, please email myIDsupport@calgary.ca for assistance.

Please allow 24 hours up to 3 days for your UPass to appear in your My Fare ticket wallet. Only the UPass for the current term will appear.

Failure to create your myID account after the first month of the term may result in a delay of a week or longer for the UPass to appear in your My Fare app. If you haven't created a myID account by 8 weeks after the start of the term, the UPass will not appear in your My Fare app and you will need to contact upass@sait.ca.

Your UPass can be activated for use on the first day of each term.

How to use My Fare app

My Fare app and UPass mobile screen shots

Make sure you have your SAIT eCard to verify your status as a student if asked by transit. Select your Upass from your ticket wallet in the My Fare app, and click on Activate.

On the bus, tap your screen showing the activated pass and barcode against the onboard scanner or show it to the operator.

On the train, make sure you activate your UPass before you enter the fare-paid zone. Have it ready to show a Transit Peace Officer if requested.


  • You must have a valid SAIT email address (e.g. firstname.lastname@edu.sait.ca)
  • You must be enrolled full-time in the term (e.g. taking at least 9 credit hours AND 15 consecutive weeks of classes)
  • You must be registered in classes, and have paid your tuition and fees or have confirmed student loan funding to access your UPass each term.

If you’re eligible for a UPass, the fee is mandatory and charged per term as part of your tuition and fees for most full-time programs at SAIT. The charge will be seen on your student account through mySAIT once you register for classes.

Can you opt out of the UPass?

Eligible students can opt out of UPass when registration opens each semester. To be eligible for an exemption, you must be enrolled in 9 credits or more per term and all of your courses are fully online.

Fee exemption requests can only be submitted during the application period for the appropriate term. Refer to the dates below for fee exemption periods in the current and/or upcoming academic year.

  • Spring/Summer 2023: applications open March 15, 2023 and the deadline is May 19, 2023
  • Fall 2023: application open June 28, 2023 and the deadline is September 15, 2023
  • Winter 2024: TBD

We are unable to accept applications after the deadline.


No. This mandatory fee pays for a service benefiting the majority of SAIT students. However, there is an exemption for eligible students.

No. The UPass is non-transferable — make sure you're familiar with Calgary Transit's conditions of use.

The pass holder is subject to a violation ticket and a fine for fraudulent use.

SAIT will be informed of any UPass violation for further action under our Student Code of Conduct AC.3.4.1.

UPasses acquired from sources other than SAIT will be subject to a non-academic misconduct investigation for all involved.

Calgary Transit security authorities will fine you.

If you drop to part-time status before the add/drop deadline, you will no longer be eligible for the UPass.

Your UPass will be deactivated in the My Fare app and show as expired, and the UPass fee will be refunded.

If you withdraw from SAIT at the withdrawal deadline, you'll continue to have access to the UPass for the remainder of the term.

My Fare App FAQ

Your UPass can be activated for use on the first day of each term.

Yes. A UPass is valid for one term at a time, based on your registration status.

Each term, your UPass eligibility will be verified and the UPass will once again be ready to activate.

You are responsible for having a mobile phone in good working order and usable before boarding and throughout the duration of your trip.

If your mobile phone is inoperable, you are expected to use another payment method for your trip.

If you have a My Fare account, you are also responsible for being logged in prior to boarding.

You need a wi-fi or data connection to download My Fare, to login into your account and make a purchase; however, once you have a ticket or pass in your Ticket Wallet, you can activate it and travel without a connection.

As with any online purchase, you should ensure you have a stable connection to complete your purchase.

Mobile tickets do not need cell phone or wi-fi services to activate and display a ticket. However, You need connectivity to purchase a ticket or login into your My Fare account, which must be done before boarding.

If you lose cell phone service after activating and boarding the vehicle, you can activate and display the ticket from the ticket wallet.

If you lose your device or purchase a new one, you can transfer any valid, unused tickets to a new device.

To do so, login to your account from your new device and your unused tickets will be displayed. Please note that tickets on your old device will become invalid.

My Fare users are allowed three device switches over a six-month period.

Yes. You must create a Calgary myID account using your SAIT email address (@edu.sait.ca).

Calgary myID is an online service through the City of Calgary. It allows people to access multiple City of Calgary services using a single account.

For assistance with your Calgary myID account, please email myIDsupport@calgary.ca and include your SAIT student email (@edu.sait.ca).

You can edit your profile once you’re logged in to Calgary myID.

Go to Account > Edit Profile > then update the email address.

You can create multiple Calgary myID and My Fare accounts and switch between profiles through the Account Settings menu on the app.

Make sure you log out of My Fare and close the app before you try to log in with a different account.

Go to Calgary MyID, sign up or sign in and select Forgot UserName.

An email will be sent to your SAIT student email with your username and a reset password link.

The My Fare app is only compatible with Android or iOS devices.

If you're unable to download your UPass through the My Fare app or you don't have a device, contact the Card Office at upass@sait.ca.

Please confirm there is no date/time conflict between your device and the Calgary Transit server.

To how to rectify this:

To reset the time settings on your iPhone:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select the General tab
  3. Select Date & Time
  4. Clear the Set Automatically option (if it is set)
  5. Turn on the Set Automatically option again

To reset the time settings on your Andriod phone:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select the General Management tab
  3. Select Date and Time
  4. Clear the Automatic Date and Time option (if it is set)
  5. Turn on the Automatic Date and Time option again

Once you completed the steps above, restart your device.

If this does not fix the problem, please get in touch with Calgary Transit directly by calling 311 or email myFare@calgary.ca.

This is a security feature of the app.

After 14 days of inactivity, you must log into your account to use My Fare. This helps protect against unauthorized use of your account.

For technical support using the My Fare App, connect with Calgary Transit or call 311.

Contact us

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