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Feedback Matters

Feedback is a vital part of any learning process — it improves course content and helps instructors enhance their teaching.

Ways to provide feedback

We want to know what is going well for you and the effective feedback you have about your learning experience. The best way to start is with you and your instructor.

An infographic of the student feedback process and tips for submitting helpful feedback.

Remember, real people review your feedback — act accordingly and be constructive:

  • Show respect. Be objective. Fact-based, unbiased, unprejudiced feedback is the way to go. Hateful or discriminatory comments concerning race, gender, sexual identity, religion, etc. are never acceptable.
  • Offer praise. Share criticisms. Your feedback should address aspects of the course and instruction that are positive, as well as those which need improvement.
  • Give examples. Make suggestions. Describe specific elements of the course or instructor behavior and how these have affected you. Provide examples based on your own experiences.

Examples of effective feedback

"The exam was unfair."

Try instead: I found the length of the exam unfair. I knew all the material but really struggled to finish in time. I felt very stressed by the time pressure and may not have performed my best.

"The instructor was too sarcastic."

Try instead: The instructor was often sarcastic which made me not want to ask questions or participate in discussions.

"It was easy to listen in class."

Try instead: It was great to have the PowerPoint slides posted online, that way you can follow in class and not have to worry about frantically taking notes and missing things.

Make a suggestion: It would be great if the class slides and example questions we use in class could be put in Brightspace so can easily go back and review them.


Members of the SAIT community, including students and instructors, are expected to treat each other with fairness, dignity, civility and mutual respect. Hateful, offensive or discriminatory comments may be referred by SFQ administrators to the Office of Community Conduct for follow-up.

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Feedback Matters

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