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Foundational Learning Program

The Foundational Learning Assistance program provides financial support for Albertans in designated programs on a first-come, first-served basis to help complete their studies.


Foundational Learning funding has been exhausted for the 2023-24 year.


For complete eligibility requirements, visit Foundational Learning Assistance.

Academic Upgrading  3 courses per semester
English Language Foundations 2 courses per intake
Indigenous Pathways program 3 courses per semester
Employment: Must be unemployed or working less than 20 hours per week.

Academic Upgrading  1 or 2 courses per semester
English Language Foundations 1 course per intake

A part-time student and their spouse/partner must not have combined net incomes (from line 23600 of their most recent tax return) that exceed the yearly income threshold levels.

Household unit size







For each additional child, add $5,000

Net income







Do you require a reduced course load?

Foundational Learning Assistance students requiring a reduced course load, due to a permanent disability or medical condition must meet with Accessibility Services for assistance in starting the process.


Approved funding may include:

  • Standard educational costs – e.g. tuition, mandatory fees, books, supplies
  • Additional educational expenses (up to $525 per academic year) - e.g. computer hardware, software, internet access
  • Other exceptional expenses – (up to $1500 per academic year) – e.g. additional transportation costs, health, dental, optical costs not covered by insurance, special diets.
  • Monthly childcare costs – for dependent children under the age of 12, amount dependent on full-time or part-time funding and with or without receipts.
  • Standard living costs (full-time funding only) – provided monthly determined by family size.

Before you apply

Before completing a funding application, you'll need the following ID and documentation. 

The first step in applying online for Foundational Learning Assistance is to create an account through MyAlberta Digital ID. This account will need to be a verified account, not a basic account. To verify your account, you will require the following:

  • an Alberta driver’s license, or
  • an Alberta identification card.

A valid driver’s license or identification card is proof of residency in Alberta. Having a verified account ensures the personal information provided belongs to you.

** You must submit proof that you have a verified account before requesting a funding application.

Program plans are required to apply for funding at SAIT. This helps us to determine the following:

  • your academic goals
  • the courses you are required to take
  • how many terms are required to reach your goals.

To request a program plan, email the program to which you will be applying to inform them that you would like a program plan created so that you may apply for Foundational Learning funding.

Program contact information:

Academic Upgrading – You must apply, be accepted and have enrolled yourself into courses as shown on your program plan created with Academic Upgrading.

Indigenous Pathways Program – You must apply, be accepted and be enrolled (by the program) into your courses.

English Language Foundations – You must be registered for your courses by the program. The courses in which you will be enrolled will be based upon either a Canadian Language Benchmark Assessment (CLBA minimum 4 in all categories), or an International English Language Testing System (IELTS minimum band score of 3.5 in all categories), or an English Proficiency Placement Test.

Application process

AFTER you have been registered into your courses:

Email funding@sait.ca to request a Foundational Learning funding application. You must include a copy of your program plan and a screenshot showing your verified MyAlberta Digital ID (MADI) account. The screenshot needs to include your name and the account status with expiry. See example below:


Within 3 business days of your request (if ALL above requested information is provided), SAIT Financial Advising will request a funding application from Foundational Learning Assistance. We will notify you that the request has been sent.

Once Financial Advising sends the request for you to apply for Foundational Learning Assistance, you will receive an email from foundational.learning.assistance@gov.ab.ca to invite you to complete the funding application within 72 hours. Please check all folders in your inbox for the Foundational Learning Assistance email. (spam, junk mail and other inboxes)


To complete the application, you will require the below information:

  • Application ID number – This is included at the top of the email with the application link from Foundational Learning Assistance.
  • Your verified MyAlberta Digital ID account login information
  • Your Social Insurance Number
  • Your Alberta Student number (ASN) Look up or create your number.
  • Your direct deposit information (transit #, bank #, and account #)


Once you have submitted your complete funding application, a funding decision will be sent by email in 1-2 weeks. If you have questions about your funding application, you can contact Foundational Learning at 1-800-222-6485

Financial Advising tracks all Foundational Learning funding approvals directly from the Foundational Learning program. If you have been approved for Foundational Learning funding, Financial Advising will notify SAIT’s Office of the Registrar to delay tuition deadlines until funds are received.

Approved education costs (Tuition, mandatory fees, student association fees) will be sent to SAIT directly. All other costs will be deposited into the bank account that you provided on your funding application. It may be a one-time deposit or a monthly deposit depending on what has been approved.


Note: Funding applications are only requested by semester (AU, IPP) or by intake (ELF). You will need to complete a new funding application for each new registration.


Financial Advising

MC221, Stan Grad Centre, SAIT Main Campus

403.284.7054 funding@sait.ca

Monday - Friday | 8 am - 4 pm

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