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Academic Upgrading Placement Testing

Once you have applied to the program, your transcripts will be reviewed by the academic upgrading team to determine the appropriate level of upgrading courses.

Placement tests are required to determine the proper level of placement in academic upgrading courses for math and physics. Placement tests in other subject areas are also available if you are not meeting prerequisites through high school transcripts. Contact upgrading@sait.ca for more details.

View the table below for courses that require placement testing. Please download and review the appropriate study guide and formula sheet prior to taking the placement test for your desired course.

*Students who have passed SAIT’s upgrading Math or Physics courses are not required to take placement testing.

Course  Educational equivalent Practice questions Formula sheet Attempt one 
MATH-100 Math 9 MATH-100 N/A Take the test
MATH-180 Math 10C MATH-180 Formula sheet  Take the test
MATH-181 Math 20-1 MATH-181 Formula sheet Take the test 
MATH-172 Applied Math 30 MATH-172 Formula sheet Take the test 
MATH-162 Math 30-2 MATH-162 Formula sheet Take the test 
MATH-182 Math 30-1 MATH-182 Formula sheet  Take the test
PHYS-181 Physics 20 PHYS-181 Formula sheet  Take the test
PHYS-182 Physics 30 PHYS-182 Formula sheet Take the test
BIOL-182 Biology 30 BIOL-182 N/A Take the test
CHEM-181 Chemistry 20 CHEM-181 Data booklet Take the test
CHEM-182 Chemistry 30 CHEM-182 Data booklet Take the test
COMN-180 ELA 10-1 COMN-180 N/A Take the test
COMM-181/182 ELA 20-1/30-1 COMN-181/182 N/A Take the test

An individualized program plan will be created. A program plan maps out the courses that need to be taken each semester and will be created for students based on their transcript and/or test results.

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