Joining a waitlist

If you’re a domestic applicant, look for an email asking you to accept or decline a spot on the waitlist with the following options:

  1. Accept your waitlist offer and don't explore other program options.
    1. We will only contact you if enough accepted students cancel for us to offer you a spot.
    2. Seats may become available any time up to and including the first day of class.
  2. Accept your offer while also exploring other programs or start terms.
    1. Our admissions team will send an email with a list of other programs that may interest you.
  3. Withdraw your waitlisted application.
    1. Your application will be cancelled.
    2. You can still reapply for a different program but will not be considered for your current choice.

Next steps

All waitlisted applicants will have the following options:

  • Request to transfer your application.
  • Submit a new application.
  • Cancel your application.

Request to transfer your application

You can transfer to any term currently open for applications and scheduled to begin within 12 months of your waitlisted intake.

There is no cost to do this, but it will cancel your current application. 

This does not guarantee a spot – if the program you choose is full or there are more applications to review than available spots, you may be on the waitlist again.

To request an application transfer, submit a new inquiry. Choose "Admissions" as the inquiry type and "Make changes to Application" as the sub-category.

Submit a new application

This will result in you remaining on the waitlist for your current choice and will consider you for the second program you apply for.

You can apply for any program open for applications, regardless of term or academic year.

If you are offered a spot in your second choice, you will remain on the waitlist for the first choice.

This does not move you to the top of the list – we strongly suggest you apply early to avoid being placed on another waitlist.

This requires a new application and payment of the appropriate application fee.

Cancel your application

This will remove you from the waitlist, and you will not be considered for any other programs you have not already applied for.

This does not affect any current or future applications you submit.

You can cancel your application through your domestic admissions portal or the Virtual Admissions System (VAS.)

Review our knowledge base article to learn more about each option.

Application fees

Applying for our programs costs $120 for domestic students (Canadian citizens, permanent residents, or refugees) and $150 for international students.

This is the cost for us to process an application and does not guarantee a spot in one of our programs.

This non-refundable fee will not be returned if you are placed on a waitlist or your application is declined.

Help centre

You can always get support 24/7 through our FreshDesk knowledge base.

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