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SAIT eCard

The SAIT eCard is your official SAIT identification (ID) card and gives you access to facilities across campus, including the Athletics Centre, Reg Erhardt Library and more. You can also load funds onto your eCard to eat, shop and print on campus.

If you purchase a residence meal plan through the new Begin Tower Dining Centre, you’ll use your eCard to access the Dining Centre. 

Plus, you’ll need your eCard for educational software discounts, to rent a locker and to write your final exams at SAIT.

How you access your SAIT eAccount is changing July 14

On Thursday, July 14, single sign-on (SSO) will be implemented for SAIT eAccounts. If you use a SAIT eAccount to manage your SAIT eCard online, you'll be redirected from the sign-in page to sign in using your SAIT email. When prompted to enter your customer number, enter your SAIT ID number without the leading zeros.

If you already have the eAccounts app on your mobile device and you are having trouble signing in, you may need to uninstall and reinstall the app, then sign back in with your SAIT login and password.

SSO authentication supports information security and allows users to sign in to multiple software systems through a single credential. Need help? Get technical support or contact the Card Office.

SAIT ecard


eCard eligibility

All current students and apprentices qualify for a SAIT eCard. Your tuition and fees must be paid in full to get your eCard. If you’re a returning SAIT student and you already have an eCard, you don’t need a new one. You can use your eCard as long as you’re registered in classes at SAIT.

Students must also meet the eligibility requirements to access the Reg Erhardt Library and Athletics Centre.

Your eCard is non-transferable and will be subject to forfeiture if presented by anyone else.

Only your legal first and last name can be printed on your eCard, which must match your government-issued photo ID. No nicknames are allowed.

eCards for guests

eCards can be issued for guests as a non-photo eCommerce card that can be used at participating outlets on campus. Guest eCards are available from the Phil Station located across from the SAIT Bookstore. A minimum of $5 is required for the initial load.

Get your eCard

Starting at SAIT? Continuing in your program and don’t have an eCard already? Save time — submit your photo online! 

You can log into your eAccount as long as you’re registered in classes at SAIT.

A SAIT eAccount lets you manage your eCard account, this is separate from your SAIT student account where tuition fees are paid. You can add money to your eCard, view your account activity, manage your card and submit a photo for your eCard through your eAccount.

 screenshot of login screen

Once your eAccount has been set up, log in and follow the steps below to submit a photo:

  • Click "Profile"
  • Click "Click to submit a new photo"

Photo submission screen for SAIT ecard  

Note: If you have previously submitted a picture online you do not need to resubmit.

Photo guidelines 

Your photo must: Your photo must not:
  • have been taken in the past six months
  • be suitable for official identification (e.g. driver's licence or passport)
  • have your face square to the camera, with shoulders showing
  • show you looking directly at the camera lens
  • be in colour
  • be in JPEG or PNG format (a smartphone photo is fine)
  • have space between the top of your head and the top of your photo.
  • contain hats, sunglasses, or graduation caps
  • have inappropriate expressions
  • have anyone other than yourself visible
  • be cropped too close (e.g. cutting off the top of your head)
  • have any special effects or colouring – no filters
  • have background elements (e.g. shadows, trees, open rooms)
  • have glare on prescription glasses

Correct and incorrect examples of photos for your eard

If you are a new student studying on campus, there are several ways to get your ID Card this Fall semester:

  • If you have an Alberta residence, you can request a mail out of your ID Card. The cutoff date for requests is August 16th. Follow the below instructions:
    • Create an eAccount, details on how to do this are above
    • Submit a photo and upload a government issue ID through your eAccount
    • Fill out this form
  • Avoid the line ups and come to campus between August 9th – August 25th to collect your ID Card from the Card Office during operating hours
  • Submit your photo online before August 19th for the Card Office staff to pre-print your card. Distribution of pre-printed ID Cards is dependent on what School within SAIT you are in for your course/program.
    • Except for students in the School of Business, all other students will be able to get their pre-printed ID Card during orientation or their first week of in person classes from your school. Watch your email for any additional communication from your school regarding distribution.
      • School of Business students will have their ID Cards distributed between August 29th – September 9th at NN006, located in the basement of the Senator Burns building, during normal Card Office operating hours.

If you do not receive your pre-printed ID Card from your School by September 9th please come to the Card Office during normal operating hours to see if we have it.

Please visit the Card Office in NN104 during operating hours to have your photo taken and card printed if:

  • You did not submit a photo online or did not receive an email confirmation that your photo was approved
  • You are a student in an online program.
  • You are in the following programs: Academic Upgrading, English Language Foundations or Open Studies.
  • You did not receive your eCard (ID) at orientation or in-person class.

When collecting an ID Card please bring a government-issued photo ID with you, such as a driver’s license or passport for verification. Scans or photos are not accepted.

If you already have an ID Card there is no need to get a new one - continue to use the ID you have.

Load money onto your eCard

There are several ways to load money onto your eCard:

Check your eCard balance

You can check your balance at a Phil Station, vendors across Campus and on your SAIT eAccount either online or through the Transact eAccounts app. If you need to reset your password, you can do so online through your SAIT eAccount or the app.

To dispute a transaction on your eCard, contact the Card Office within 14 days of the suspicious activity.

Guest/family member deposits

Family members can load money onto a student's eCard account at the Card Office or online using your SAIT eAccount if they know the legal name, SAIT email address and the 9-digit student ID number.

The information entered must be identical to your SAIT eCard.

  • Use the "Make a guest deposit"  button below the sign-in, when family members are adding money to your account.
  • The "First/Given name" and "Last/Family name" must match what is on the student's eCard (ID card) 
  • The "Email Address" is your firstname.lastname@edu.sait.ca address
  • The "Customer Number" is your nine-digit SAIT ID number (ex. 000123456)

Print using your SAIT eCard

You can use your eCard for printing on campus — from all print labs in classrooms and the Reg Erhardt Library.

If you’re eligible for a pre-paid printing account (Prt Cr) for your program, you will have access to your funds at the start of the semester. These Prt Cr funds can only be used in print labs and will not be valid at commercial merchant locations on campus. Once you have used all of your pre-paid printing funds, you can load money onto your eCard to access additional printing and make other purchases on campus.

Printing costs per page (one-sided):

  • black and white: $0.10
  • colour: $0.25

eCard policies and procedures

You can deactivate your card if it’s lost or stolen through your SAIT eAccount or via the mobile app 24/7. This will deactivate your SAIT eCard immediately. You can also report your eCard lost or stolen by sending an email to card.office@sait.ca with the subject line "Lost my SAIT eCard". Your SAIT eCard will be put on hold the following business day.

You must still notify the Reg Erhardt Library, Wellness Centre and other applicable SAIT locations that your eCard is lost/stolen.

To replace your SAIT eCard, visit the Card Office with a piece of government-issued photo ID. Once you have purchased a replacement card, your old card will be permanently deactivated. If your SAIT eCard is found before you replace it, you cannot reactivate it by phone or email — you must visit the Card Office in person.

Due to security issues or possible fraudulent use, you cannot keep your old card if you have already replaced it. Damaged, stolen or lost SAIT eCards will be replaced for a fee of$25. The only exception is when a card needs to be upgraded or is older than four years. SAIT eCards that have malfunctioned will be evaluated and replaced free of charge.

Between terms, your account balance will automatically carry over and you may continue to use your SAIT eCard.

Refunds will only be made if your relationship with SAIT ends, such as when you graduate. Upon your email request to the Card Office, account balances greater than $100 will be refunded within 10 business days and sent to your address on file in the Office of the Registrar. Refunds will only be issued on user account deposits. Your account will then be deactivated by the Card Office. Reactivation will be allowed only after a replacement card fee is paid.

If your account has no activity for a period of two years it will be deactivated. Funds will be credited back to your SAIT eCard account in full if the deactivated account is reinstated at a later date.

All students are eligible to receive a SAIT eCard with their picture identification.

Your SAIT eCard serves as your identification (ID) and must be carried with you at all times while on SAIT campus. SAIT representatives may ask to see your SAIT eCard as a means of official identification.

Access to SAIT services will be subject to the policies of each department. Failure to comply with these policies may result in loss of privileges.

To dispute a transaction, contact the Card Office within 14 days of the suspicious activity.

See the  SAIT eCard Cardholder Agreement

SAIT does not keep addresses or phone numbers within the SAIT eCard system.

SAIT will only use information collected for sales volumes and statistics.

SAIT is bound by the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP).

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