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Link Helper

Linking to articles, videos, e-books or other content within our e-resources is not always a simple process. Unfortunately, the URL in the address bar can't be reliably copied and reused.

However, many of our e-resources provide tools that will create reusable links for you. Look for terms like "share", "permalink" or "persistent URL" to identify links that can be safely copied for later use.

For the best results, build your links to e-resources content from an on-campus internet connection.

Creating persistent links to library e-resources

Check your link for the following URL prefix:

http://libresources.sait.ab.ca/login?url= ...

If this is present, your link should work.

If your link does not have this URL prefix, then use the form below to correct your link.

e-Resources link correction tool

Paste your e-resources link into the form below and click "submit".


Your submitted link will be added to the URL prefix below, creating a persistent link to your e-resource.


Copy this link and paste it into your Brightspace site or another document.

Special cases

Some e-resources require special consideration for creating or using links to content. Follow these guidelines to add URLs to documents or D2L:

  • Films on demand: Use the link provided below the video or under "Title URL".
  • Hosted videos: Any video links that contain http://drm.iriseducation.org as part of the address will no longer work as of Sept. 30, 2016, and will need to be updated.

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