If you need help

In the event of an on-campus emergency, call: 403.284.8000

For less urgent assistance, such as on-campus escorts, room openings, reporting thefts, break-ins, or vandalism, call: 403.284.8530

Emergency Response Plans contain detailed procedures for responding to various potential emergencies. Department supervisors and instructors in all schools at SAIT make students aware of the plans. You may be asked to participate in a scheduled drill.

Specific emergencies covered in the SAIT Emergency Response Plan include:

  • fires
  • critical incidents
  • serious acts of violence
  • workplace violence
  • bomb threats
  • suspicious letters or packages
  • emergency shutdowns or closures
  • flooding
  • chemical spills
  • biohazard releases
  • tornado or severe windstorm
  • severe winter storm
  • utility or major equipment failure
  • pandemics

Surviving an active shooting incident

The Campus Alberta Risk and Assurance Committee (CARA), which SAIT and several other Alberta post-secondary institutions are part of, launched an initiative to educate staff and students about how to respond in the case of an assailant.

This video is a dramatization of an active shooting scenario. A voiceover and on-screen instructions support the dramatization.

The instructions outline three courses of action:

  • escape when possible,
  • hide and barricade when necessary and,
  • as a final resort, using force against the assailant.

Please note the content may be disturbing to some viewers.

Police experts were consulted during the development of this video.

Health and safety are a priority of SAIT. This video is one part of our comprehensive Emergency Response Plan.

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