Training preparation courses for apprentices

PREP 145: Orientation for Apprentices

PREP 145 is a free study skills course for apprentices. Discover your learning style, develop memory techniques, learn effective ways to conquer your modules, get tips on how to write multiple-choice tests, and prepare for your apprenticeship exam.

PREP-145 Session Dates
Delivery mode Available dates
In-person (main campus)

April 29th, April 30th, May 1st, May 2nd

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PERS 050: Student Rights and Responsibilities

This mandatory course introduces you to your rights and responsibilities at SAIT.

You'll learn about SAIT's rich and diverse community, become familiar with guidelines and procedures that create a safe, respectful learning experience, and gain practical tips for engaging in the SAIT community positively and responsibly. You can even engage in several learning activities, including readings, videos, activities and assessments.

We encourage you to make the most of this opportunity! The more you participate, the more you'll take away and the better prepared you'll be for success at SAIT.

PERS 050 will be available through Brightspace (D2L) before the first day of classes.

MATH 145: Math Prep for Apprentices

Build your fundamental math skills in algebra and geometry with this free course for apprentices.

Delivered over six individual learning sessions, each session is three hours long for a total of 18 hours.

Registration will be capped at 30 apprentices. Please note that registrations close the day prior to the start date.

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Math prep for Apprentices - dates, time, and delivery mode
Delivery mode Available dates
In-person (main campus) April 2nd - April 18, 2024
Online April 2nd - April 18, 2024

Math skills assessment

Take our free online math skills assessment quiz to check your current skill level. Based on the results, we can suggest what else you can do to prepare for training.

SAIT Start - Log in and let's go

SAIT Start is an interactive introduction to all things SAIT.

Prepare for your training through modules covering everything from academic success and financing your education to support services, health and well-being.

Plus, get an idea of what to expect and what's expected of you at SAIT. Create a new student account and choose "apprentice" from the student type drop-down menu.

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Paying for your apprenticeship

Various financial supports are available to help you cover the costs associated with your training.

Learn more about paying for your apprenticeship with financial aid options, including grants and awards, Employment Insurance, and more.

Get your class schedule

Log into mySAIT using your SAIT ID number and date of birth (dd-mm-yy) to access your schedule.

Your schedule will be available two business days before your first day of classes.

Get your eCard/ID card

The SAIT eCard is your official SAIT identification card and gives you access to facilities across campus, including the Athletics Centre, Reg Erhardt Library, and more.

If you submit your photo online, your instructor will make your eCard available when you come to campus.

Accessibility and accommodations

Connect with an Accessibility Services advisor as soon as possible if you need to set up accommodations or get support for a health condition or disability while completing your technical training at SAIT.

They can also help with funding applications for adaptive equipment, services and technology.

Books and modules

Find your booklist on the SAIT Bookstore's website. The booklist will be available closer to the program start date.

Get your tech ready

Getting to SAIT

Our main campus is accessible by vehicle, public transit, or bike. See parking and transit options and our campus map for parking lot locations.

Apply for residence

SAIT Residence consists of two modern highrises with four floorplan options, fully furnished units, individual liability leases, and utilities.

Find out more about living on campus in SAIT Residence.