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How to Become an Apprentice

Choose a trade

To begin your apprenticeship journey, you must first have your trade selected. If you are unsure of which trade to pick, begin with Choose a Trade.

Find an employer

In order to become an apprentice, you must have an employer who has agreed to hire you as an apprentice.

How you can find an employer:

  • review the Canada Job Bank lists apprenticeship job postings in Alberta, as do private job boards such as Indeed and Workopolis.
  • visit workplaces in person with a resume on hand and ask if they are hiring. Oftentimes, going in person can lead to more opportunities than applying online.
  • check with local trade unions about employment opportunities,
  • research potential employers that might be the right fit for you. Check out the company through online platforms such as LinkedIn or GlassDoor.
  • take one of our Pre-Employment or Technician programs to receive technical training and the experience that an employer may be looking for.

Apply to Become an Apprentice

Once you have an employer, you will need to apply online with the Apprenticeship and Industry Training (AIT) website  MyTradeSecrets.

Follow these steps when first applying:

 1: Create your MyAlberta Digital ID Basic Account.

  • The first time you apply for an apprenticeship, you will need to create your MyAlberta Digital ID Basic Account. You must create a user account and complete verification.  
  • Your MyAlberta Digital ID is a unique and secure online identity to access multiple government programs and services.

2: Verify your identity with AIT.

  • To apply for services, you must provide your personal information so that AIT can verify your identity before you can apply.
  • You will require your Alberta Student Number (ASN) which can be found on your Alberta high school transcript or obtained through the Learner Registry.

3: Complete the Application.

  • Follow the step-by-step application process. You must complete all required information in the online application.
  • For apprenticeship applications, ensure your employer has provided you with the email address of someone that has the authority to enter into the apprenticeship contact with you.
  • Make your payment online or indicate that you will pay in person at an AIT office.

The apprenticeship application and contract is a legal agreement between you and your employer through the Alberta government. It will outline responsibilities for both you and your employer and covers:

  • your commitment to completing your technical and on-the-job training requirements.
  • your employer's commitment to paying you a certain percentage of the journeyperson wage, increasing your pay as you progress through training.
  • your employer's commitment to on-the-job training while also allowing you time to attend technical training.

If you have taken a pre-employment, technician, diploma or other pre-apprenticeship training, you may not need to return to SAIT for a selection of your technical training. Review this with the Apprenticeship and Industry Training office as well as your employer.

Apprenticeship Record Book (blue book)

Once you have registered with Apprenticeship and Industry Training (AIT) and your employer and you have signed your contract, you will receive a record book (blue book). Your blue book will help you record the following:

  • hours worked
  • apprenticeship hour credits
  • your most recent employer(s)
  • hours required for exam eligibility

You will need to make your blue book available to your journeyperson supervisor as required. When you complete a period of your apprenticeship (both on-the-job training and technical training), return your record book to the nearest AIT office for a certificate of progress. When your record book is returned to you, you are eligible for an increase in the minimum apprenticeship wage for your trade.

For further details on the apprenticeship responsibilities, AIT and the employer, read the Apprenticeship Handbook.

Your TradeSecrets Profile

MyTradeSecrets is AIT's online portal for apprentices, you can sign onto MyTradeSecrets to manage the following:

  • update personal information
  • check your application status
  • search for eligible classes
  • register online for classes
  • view your class schedule
  • add or remove yourself from a waitlist
  • cancel your class registration, 
  • view your exam schedule and exam marks
  • check your record book updates

SAIT is here to support you every step of your apprenticeship journey, from your first day to your final day of training. We have tailored our services and resources to provide you with the support you need to succeed in your program.

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