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English Conversation Partners Program

The English Conversation Partners Program is a unique cross-cultural experience that pairs SAIT students who speak English as an additional language (EAL) with a student or employee who is fluent in English.


Join the program as a student

Improve your spoken English. Meet new people. Share cultural experiences.

Connect with your community while practicing your English skills! The English Conversation Partners Program is open to SAIT students in any program. Students must have a minimum Canadian Language Benchmark Assessment (CLB) 7 or IELTS Band 5.

Note: Students may be waitlisted depending on the number of available volunteer partners.

Registrations for the spring 2023 term open on April 17. 

Join the program as a volunteer

Expand your global perspective. Build community. Support student success.

Take part in a memorable cross-cultural experience, while helping a SAIT student practice their English language skills! Volunteers can be students in any program or SAIT employees. You must be a fluent English speaker, ready to share your Canadian cultural experiences and learn about other cultures.

For the record, your co-curricular record: Participating as a student volunteer in the program is a recognized co-curricular activity.

Registrations for the spring 2023 term open on March 27.

Program details

  • Program participants can expect to connect with their conversation partner for about one hour of informal, online conversation each week throughout the semester.
  • There is no formal schedule or method for conversation. Meet in person. Use MS Teams, Zoom or a phone call. Chat once a week or every day. Exchange recipes, talk books or share travel experiences. We’ll provide some conversation starters and other helpful tools.
  • EAL students will be asked to complete an entry and exit survey.
  • All participants will be asked to complete a semester end survey.

Note: This program is not a tutoring or counselling service. If you are in need of these services, please contact Academic Coaching, Tutoring or Student Development and Counselling.


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