The print stations on campus are located in the following areas:

  • Aldred Centre, room CA200
  • Senator Burns Building, room NH109
  • Senator Burns Building, NN 8th Floor Business Centre.

Printing with your eCard

To pay for printing, you must load credit onto your eCard. Learn more about using your eCard and the many ways to add to or check the balance on your card.

Your printing cost is immediately deducted from the balance on your eCard when you select "Print" in your software. 

Printing locations and cost
Printer location Cost/black & white page Cost/colour page
Classrooms $0.50 $1
Print stations $0.20 $0.50

🚨 The Library does not currently support printing or copying by visitors to SAIT.

Troubleshooting and printing support

Printing requests using empty eCARDS do not activate a message or notification for the student — the printer will not print.

The first step in troubleshooting an unresponsive printer should always be to check your eCARD balance.

Direct all concerns or issues regarding the eCARD system (mobile app, online systems, loading funds) to the eCARD office.

For physical printer issues — paper jams, paper shortage, toner or device service requests — contact the ITS Service Desk.

Printing services at the Library

The Library has multifunction devices (MFD) for printing, copying and scanning — two on Level-1 and one on Level-0.

Our MFDs default to black-and-white, double-sided printing. You can select colour printing and change other options in the print settings of your software if needed.

Page sizes available are:

  • Letter (8 1/2" x 11")
  • Legal (8 1/2" x 14")
  • Tabloid (11" x 17")

A "page" is one side of a sheet of paper.

How do I install a library printer on a personal laptop?

You can print in the Library from a personal laptop running Windows or MacOS, but will need to install a library printer on your laptop first. All library computers/laptops have the printers pre-installed and are ready to print.

To install a printer on a Windows laptop, follow these steps:

  1. Connect to the eduroam wireless network following the steps at
  2. Click the START menu button
  3. Type \\ and press enter or click Open
  4. Type library in the search box and press enter or click the right arrow
  5. Double-click one of the following library printers:
    • Library_Printer-1: Level-1, entrance area
    • Library_Printer-2: Level-1, middle of east wall
    • Library_Printer-3: Level-0, middle of east wall
  6. After double-clicking on a printer, use your computer/network credentials to log in:
    • Username: acdm\ and your 6 digit SAIT ID (no leading zeroes). For example, acdm\123456
    • Default password: sent to your preferred email inbox – subject ‘Your SAIT Student Email Address.’
  7. Send your document to the printer


To install a printer on a MacOS laptop:

  1. Follow the steps at
  2. When you get to step 6 use, use one of the following URLs:
    • smb:// Level-1, entrance area
    • smb:// Level-1, middle of east wall
    • smb:// Level-0, middle of east wall

Please note: There are no steps required at the printer. If your job does not print, you may need to add money to your eCard account or check that your eCard is active. For more information on the eCard system, please visit:

Printing at XDocs

XDocs is also on campus for all your printing needs, including binding, posters and more.

There is a $5 minimum charge for printing with XDocs. Paper and finishing are an additional charge.

Printing cost
Cost/black and white page Cost/colour page
$0.0246 $0.1311

To request printing services with XDocs, call 403.284.8443 or email