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LinkedIn Learning

As a SAIT student, you now have free access to thousands of online courses and tutorials led by industry experts through LinkedIn Learning — a $300 annual value!

Use LinkedIn Learning to:

  • dive deeper into your area of study
  • brush up on everyday skills like creative thinking and project management
  • explore a topic that excites you — from 3D animation to entrepreneurship!

Activate your account

It’s easy to activate your LinkedIn Learning account. Follow these steps to start exploring thousands of learning opportunities:

  1. Visit linkedin.com/learning/activate.
  2. Enter your SAIT email address as your work email address (firstname.lastname@edu.sait.ca ) and select verify email.
  3. You’ll receive an activation email sent to your SAIT email account. Open the activation email and select get started now.

If you already have a LinkedIn account, complete your activation by entering your existing LinkedIn account login information (email or phone number and password). Please note that the email address associated with your LinkedIn account may be your personal email address, depending on how you configured your LinkedIn account. Sign in and follow the instructions provided.

If you don’t have an existing LinkedIn account, select join now and follow the instructions provided.

Access LinkedIn Learning by visiting linkedin.com/learning


SAIT will see your photo, name, email address, title, and company name. This data connection will be used to create your profile in LinkedIn Learning so you can easily access LinkedIn Learning from your LinkedIn account. You can take your learning history with you regardless of where you go after SAIT. LinkedIn will never share any other personally identifiable activity from your personal LinkedIn account with SAIT.

Yes, SAIT’s LinkedIn Learning admin will see which courses you have completed on LinkedIn Learning.  This is so SAIT can track how students are using the tool, what courses are generating interest and how best to continue promoting the resource.

No, SAIT will not be able to see your browsing or job search activity on LinkedIn.

Your data will be kept secure the same way LinkedIn keeps its own data secure. LinkedIn Learning employs the highest encryption standards and strictest security practices in order to keep your data safe. LinkedIn is also fully GDPR compliant. 

With thousands of courses on offer, LinkedIn Learning uses millions of data points to save you time and effort by serving you the content most relevant to your needs. Examples of the type of data LinkedIn Learning uses include skills, companies, jobs, titles, learning, content watched and LinkedIn Learning’s own course data (title, description, skills, transcripts).

You can’t choose which data to share from your LinkedIn profile, but rest assured that no human will ever see individual-level data.

No, your network will not see your LinkedIn Learning activity. If you wish, you can choose to share the courses you’ve taken on LinkedIn, just like any other social network. Learn freely knowing that your learning activity will never be shared publicly unless you choose to do so.

Your LinkedIn Learning account is tied directly to your SAIT email address. Once you are no longer a student, you will not have access unless you choose to purchase a plan individually — all the more reason to take advantage while you can!