Library services

Library services contact information
Information Desk 403.284.8616
Copyright 403.284.7368
Data requests N/A
Distance education 403.210.4531
Fax 403.284.8619 N/A
Instruction 403.210.4280
Interlibrary loans 403.284.8411
Open Educational Resources (OER) 403.210.4073
Ordering books and subscriptions 403.284.8618
Reserves 403.284.8411
Users accounts and fines 403.284.8688
Video services 403.284.8431

Library staff

Library staff contact information
Angela Carter Communications Support Technician 403.284.8408
Anna Friesen Serials and Collections Development Technician
Specialist: Standards and Codes
AnneMarie de Groot Technical Services Coordinator
Liaison: School of Transportation
Specialist: Video resources
Audrey Farch User Services Technician 403.210.4411
Chris Savage E-Resources and Open Scholarship Technician 403.284.7330
Danica Dixon Acquisitions Selection Specialist 403.284.8510
David Layton Copyright Librarian
Liaison: School of Health and Public Safety
Hilary Wallis Library Manager 403.210.4477
Indrani Nath Copyright Technician 403.284.8617
Janine Miiller Applications Support Technician 403.284.7353
Janis Rapchuk Client Accounts Technician 403.284.8688
Jennifer Peters User Services Technician 403.284.7174
Jessica Norman OER Librarian
Liaison: School of Construction, School of Manufacturing and Automation
Specialist: Open Educational Resources
Jessie Campbell Library Manager On leave
Kelley Wadson Research and Instruction Librarian
Liaison: School of Hospitality and Tourism
Karly Sawatzky Archivist 403.774.4688
Kevin Tanner Coordinator of Information Literacy and Instruction
Liaison: Student Services, Academic Services
Kristian McInnis User Services Coordinator 
Liaison: School for Advanced Digital Technology
Luke Malone Collection Development Librarian
Liaison: School of Business
Terrie Findlay Acquisitions and Cataloguing Technician 403.284.8618