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Industry Connections

The tech talent gap is ready to be closed. As an employer in a rapidly changing world — you have new positions to fill and major projects to complete. We have the talent to tackle your problems.

Our graduates have a unique combination of knowledge, hands-on skills and practical experience so they’re ready to hit the ground running at your organization. Discover how our students can help solve real-world challenges and take your business to the next level.

Capstone projects

Students in the final semester of their program participate in work integrated learning opportunities. This is where students work in multi-disciplinary teams on real-life and open-ended challenges under the supervision of a faculty member with industry experience in your problem area. Students in the capstone project will apply research, critical thinking, communication and presentation skills.

Work integrated learning

Meeting industry demand is what SAIT programs are all about. We start with input from industry leaders, add leading educators who are experts in their field, introduce innovative delivery methods and utilize only the latest technology. Our facilities and equipment are state-of-the-art.

The work experience program offers you:

  • access to motivated, skilled and productive candidates
  • an opportunity to effectively evaluate potential permanent employees
  • savings on recruitment costs and improved retention, with an appropriate employment match
  • a concentrated pool of experienced, talented professionals with which to maintain your competitive advantage in the marketplace.



Practicum availability

Program Availability Conditions
Database Administrator May n/a
Business Intelligence: Data Analysis and Reporting April and August n/a
Object-Oriented Software Development April and October n/a
Network Systems Specialist April and October n/a
Web Developer January and April n/a
Graphic Communications and Print Technology January - April inclusive 1 week - unpaid
Film and Video Production September - April inclusive 3 weeks - unpaid
New Media Production and Design January - April inclusive 4 weeks (or 2 days per week up to four months) - unpaid
Radio, Television and Broadcast News - Broadcast News major January - April inclusive 4 weeks - unpaid
Radio, Television and Broadcast News - Radio major January - April inclusive 3 weeks - unpaid
Radio, Television and Broadcast News - Television major January - April inclusive 3 weeks - unpaid

The process

  1. Submit your work term position offering(s) to our Work Integrated Learning team by emailing sadt.wil@sait.ca. The position(s) will be posted at SAIT, the resumes collected and forwarded to you.
  2. Select the students you wish to interview. SAIT will arrange interview times that are convenient for both you and your student candidates. Interviews may be conducted at your office, or on the SAIT campus, whichever is preferable.
  3. Upon completion of the interview process, choose the candidate whom you feel best meets your organization's needs. SAIT will inform the student of his/her selection for the position.
  4. Submit a letter of offer confirming employment.

The expectation

We ask that you, the employer:

  • Use reasonable efforts to enable the student to receive broad exposure to the business carried on by the company at your facility.
  • Require the student to perform only such tasks as reasonably fall within the scope of the student's training and abilities.
  • Sign a straightforward practicum employment agreement outlining the above-mentioned responsibilities.
  • Complete a brief "Employer Work Term Evaluation Report" at the end of the work experience term.

For additional information

School for Advanced Digital Technology
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