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A new future with SADT (School for Advanced Digital Technology), starting right now.

We are building a better way for our students, industry connections, and our economy. We think differently. We are a new kind of school that has come together to develop and advance the talent needed within the ecosystem for right where we are – the ‘future NOW’. SADT brings together our programs from media and information technologies and our ability to experiment at the fringes of new technologies in new Co/Lab studios in support of an evolution. The School for Advanced Digital Technology is committed to accelerating and empowering everyone – from students to employers and industry – to thrive, create and lead in our borderless, digital world.

We didn’t get where we are over the last 105 years by staying the same. In 2022, we are gearing up with a new approach to solving the biggest talent challenges we face with career-ready graduates.





Dr. Raynie Wood believes that unlocking human ingenuity and passion is the key for success in one’s educational journey. As a leader in media and technology talent development, she has been at the forefront of shaping post-secondary education experiences for over 20 years.

As the Dean of SAIT’s School for Advanced Digital Technology, Raynie is a dedicated partnership builder – fostering connections with industry leaders and tech visionaries around the world to create ties back to SAIT that are unparallel to other post-secondary institutions. Raynie knows how important it is that SADT faculty are empowered and encouraged to act as advisors, coaches, mentors, and committee members to build a community of excellence dedicated to supporting learners – no matter their journey. These are some of the many reasons SAIT is recognized as a local and global post-secondary of choice.

As a student herself, she has earned a Master’s in Education from the University of Calgary specializing in Adult, Community, and Higher Education. Additionally, she holds a PhD in Education and Human Resource Studies, specializing in Community College Leadership focused on international branch campuses. Raynie is involved in a range of activities with accredited associations. On her downtime from our digital world, she loves to unplug by spending time outdoors with her family.



It’s a big job and the title says it all — Chief Catalyst. For us, it means leading a school of impact while accelerating existing and yet-to-be-realized businesses. If you’re inspired by digital disruption, you know at the core of Calgary’s growing tech ecosystem is Jim Gibson — a connector and catalyst.

A passionate serial entrepreneur and author, Gibson has spent three decades anticipating, adapting and advancing technology trends and challenges. Gibson is the co-founder of Thin Air Labs, which funds early stage, entrepreneur-led technology ventures, is a member of The A100, board member of Mikata Health and Beakerhead, an advisor to Alberta Innovates and a mentor with Venture Mentoring Services of Alberta.

Outlined in his recently published and thought-provoking book, Tip of the Spear: Our Species and Technology at a Crossroads, Gibson examines the challenges and the opportunities ahead.



SADT launched in Sept. 2020, fueled by a $30 million donation by philanthropist and businessman, David Bissett — making it the largest gift in both SAIT’s and Bissett’s history.

This transformative donation was gifted with the intention of creating a school where students could learn the digital skills needed to get a job in today’s fast-pace, tech-savvy economy. Bissett, who is also a Member of the Order of Canada, says he chose SAIT for the gift because it has the flexibility to respond to the changing needs of industry.

“I see every day the importance of technology in every field, whether it is investment management, oil and gas or agriculture. The advance in the associated technologies is breathtaking,” explains Bissett. “If we are not fully competitive in these skills in the global economy, we are doomed to be a nation falling behind and will not be able to afford the standard of living and social services which we have enjoyed.”

As a flagship initiative of SAIT’s 2020-2025 strategic plan, New World. New Thinking , SADT will infuse digital literacy and technology training into new and existing programs that are in demand and industry driven. SADT supports SAIT’s vision of boosting the local talent pool with tech-savvy graduates who get hired.