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Industry Certifications

Add an industry certification to your credential. Learn how SAIT education and training can support your professional advancement with the Blue Seal Certificate, Gold Seal certification and Red Seal endorsement.


Red Seal certification

The Red Seal Certificate, also known as a Red Seal endorsement, is a seal on your provincial or territorial trade certificate. It shows that you have the knowledge and skills necessary to practice your trade across Canada. 

To achieve a Red Seal endorsement, apprentices must complete their apprenticeship and be awarded journeyperson status. This means completion of all working hours of on-the-job training, apprenticeship education and passing marks on all provincial trade exams. 

Achieving a Red Seal endorsement will allow journeypersons to work across Canada with no additional training, which allows for career mobility. Having a Red Seal endorsement is often the top credential a tradesperson can possess in the industry.


Blue Seal certification

Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training’s (AIT) Achievement in Business Competencies (Blue Seal) Program is a great way for certified tradespersons to develop business skills and obtain industry-recognized certification to support personal and professional career goals. Learn more about program eligibility, training requirements and how to apply to receive the AIT-issued Blue Seal Certificate.

Having a Blue Seal Certificate demonstrates that you meet Alberta’s high industry standards and have acquired business education and competencies to succeed in managerial, supervisory, entrepreneurial or other leadership roles.

SAIT is a recognized training provider for the Blue Seal program — our Centre for Continuing Education and Professional Studies offers specific non-credit programs and courses to help you quickly meet the minimum 150-training-hour requirement for the Blue Seal Certificate.

Gold Seal certification

The Canadian Construction Association’s (CCA) Gold Seal Certification Program certifies Canadian construction management professionals, establishes, administers, and continuously improves national professional certification standards. These certification standards apply to construction management professionals working in the industrial, commercial, institutional and civil infrastructure sectors. The Gold Seal Certification Program also promotes accredited education and training for construction management professionals.

The Gold Seal Certification Program certifies estimators, foremen, owner’s construction managers, project managers, safety practitioners and superintendents working in, or with, Canada’s non-residential construction industry. Applicants require a combination of industry experience, education and training to take the Gold Seal exam, and if successful, become Gold Seal Certified (GSC).

Individuals who have achieved their Gold Seal Certification and are interested in pursuing the highest level of certification can apply for the Professional, Gold Seal Certification (P.GSC). This is a renewable certification (every two years), which requires the P.GSC to demonstrate having earned a minimum 30 Gold Seal credits while working a minimum of 2000 hours in their certified designation. Learn more about P.GSC.

Applicants must first enroll into the Gold Seal Certification Program and be approved as a Gold Seal Intern (GSI). As a GSI, applicants have up to five years to meet the requirements, submit their GSC application and be approved to challenge the Gold Seal exam. Before submitting your program enrolment, go to the CCA website and sign up to the Gold Seal monthly webinar or listen to last month’s recording, as well as read the Gold Seal application guide [PDF], and webpages: How to Apply and Gold Seal Exam. For any questions about the certification process, contact a Gold Seal program advisor.

SAIT is an accredited training provider for the Gold Seal Certification Program. Our Centre for Continuing Education and Professional Studies offers pre-approved construction management and related technical courses that meet the national Gold Seal curriculum standard. Our courses are guaranteed towards your Gold Seal training credit requirements for the Gold Seal Certified and continuing education credits for Professional, Gold Seal Certified (P.GSC) certifications.

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