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Student Health and Dental Plan

Domestic students 

SAIT's Student's Association (Saitsa) provides an affordable benefit plan designed to help full-time domestic students attending SAIT. All full-time students in regular credit programs are automatically enrolled in the student health and dental plan.

For more information about your student health and dental plan go to  saitsa.com/benefits or email saitsa.benefits@edu.sait.ca. This plan does not cover doctor's visits.

Students with existing coverage can opt-out of the health and/or dental plan before the deadline each year. It’s also possible to add dependents to the plan before the deadline. Health and dental opt-out credits will be first applied to any applicable outstanding balance or future registration charges prior to being eligible for a refund at the end of the academic term.

Changes to health and dental opt-out credits

Beginning this summer, Saitsa will accept health and dental opt-out forms for Fall 2021. As soon as you are registered or begin self-registration for Fall 2021 courses you can submit your opt-out form.

You have until Monday, July 26 to opt-out for processing before the tuition fee deadline to receive opt-out credits before paying tuition and fees. All other health and dental opt-outs processed after Monday, July 26 will follow SAIT’s refund policy where credit balances may be applied to future terms.

International students 

All international students who study in Canada are required to have health insurance. Without adequate medical insurance, you will have to pay the full cost of any medical treatments, which can be very expensive.

As of Sept. 1, 2021, international students will have coverage with the Saitsa health and dental plan. It provides coverage for day-to-day needs, including prescription drugs, counselling, select dental services, massage therapy and more. This is a comprehensive insurance plan designed to secure your health and financial well-being from possible medical emergency treatment costs while you’re pursuing your education.

What happens to my current coverage with Study Insured?

If you’re currently insured with Study Insured, the program allows for up to 12 months after the end of a policy for claim documents to be received. Claims must be incurred during the policy period.

Notice of claim after your policy ends

Study Insured must receive your claim within twelve months of the date your policy ended. Study Insured will not pay any claim received more than twelve months after the date your policy ended, regardless of when the eligible expense was incurred.

For any specific questions related to Study Insured, please email sait@studyinsured.com.

Visit SAIT’s Study Insured website or contact the International Centre for more information.

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