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Student Health and Dental Plan

Domestic students 

SAIT's Student's Association (SAITSA) provides an affordable benefit plan designed to help full-time domestic students attending SAIT. All domestic full-time students entering the fall or winter semester in regular day certificate, diploma and applied degree programs are automatically enrolled in the student health and dental plan.

The benefits office is located in room MC107, Stan Grad Building. For additional information go to saitsa.com/benefits or phone 403.284.8610. This plan does not cover doctor's visits.

Beginning in the Fall 2020 semester, health and dental opt out credits will be first applied to any applicable outstanding balance or future registration charges prior to being eligible for a refund at the end of the academic term.

International students 

As an international student studying at SAIT, you pay a fee to be covered by the Study Insured health and dental insurance plan.

Study Insured specializes in health insurance for international students, providing care, coverage and service to meet your specific needs and to help you feel protected. The insurance plan includes enhanced emergency medical services care, mental health and wellness support coverage, and lots more. 

When the Study Insured plan was originally introduced (Fall 2019), coverage for credit programs was mandatory for the whole calendar year (365 days), even if you were only studying for the fall and winter semesters. Effective Summer 2020 and onward, coverage will be semester-based — mandatory only for the time you are actively studying.

If you’re interested in purchasing extended coverage during your break between semesters, for example, during the summer, you will have that option through Study Insured.

See SAIT's international fee table for program tuition and fees.

Note: Study Insured plan fees for English Language Foundations are prorated based on the per-semester pricing model.

Note: If you were a new international student who started at SAIT in Spring 2020 and you are living in Canada, your coverage will continue under the old pricing model through to April 30, 2021. Your coverage will then switch over to the new semester-based pricing model. All other continuing international students will be charged for the new semester-based Study Insured plan.  

Visit SAIT’s Study Insured website or contact the International Centre for more information.

COVID-19 update

New international students – Spring 2020 start

If you were a new international student who started at SAIT in Spring 2020, you were not charged for the Study Insured plan if you weren’t living in Canada, provided you completed the location survey from the International Centre. If you continue to live outside of Canada, you will also not be charged for Fall 2020, provided you once again complete the location survey — watch your inbox.

New international students – Fall 2020 start

If you’re a new international student starting at SAIT in Fall 2020, you will not be charged for the Study Insured plan if you’re not living in Canada, provided you complete the location survey from the International Centre — watch your inbox.

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