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Access archival history from the SAIT Library, including articles, books, data, videos and more for your research and learning.

The SAIT Archives works to acquire, preserve and share the historical records of our institution and the records of student organizations, alumni and former instructors.

SAIT's archives currently have information on or copies of: 

  • annual reports
  • course calendars
  • Emery Weal newspapers
  • photographs
  • building history
  • department history
  • time capsules
  • yearbooks

SAIT Archivist

The SAIT Archivist is available to assist you with the following:

  • researching the history of SAIT
  • researching the building history of SAIT
  • access to archival material such as Calendars, The WEAL, Annual Reports or Yearbooks
  • locating information on past instructors, staff or students
  • locating historic photographs

Accessing the archives

While anyone can use the SAIT Archives, SAIT Archives staff shall grant permission to consult its archival records within the applicable legal framework of privacy, access, intellectual property and individual donor requirements.

Archival material is, by definition, unique. Archival material is often one-of-a-kind and cannot be replaced if mislaid or destroyed. As well, the records may be fragile and delicate.

Researchers are encouraged to visit the archives to view the material, and the archivist will provide instructions on the care and handling of the material.

Also, for the safety of the records, the Archives do not allow food or drink in the reading room, and pencils are only permitted for note-taking.

Public access to institutional records transferred to the archives shall be determined by Alberta's Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Access to the archives is by appointment only.

Donate to the SAIT archives

Please help us preserve SAIT history for future generations!

The Archives actively collect materials documenting all aspects of campus history from SAIT schools, departments, faculty, research groups, student and staff organizations, alumni and other entities with a relationship to our campus.

We collect analog and born-digital formats, including photographs, audio and film/video formats, oral histories, maps, illustrations, art, artifacts, and ephemeral materials.

If you have any materials you would like to donate, please get in touch with us.

Contact us

SAIT Archives
Karly Sawatzky

Tuesdays - Thursdays | 9 am - 3 pm

Book an appointment

To request access to the archives or a meeting with the Archivist outside the hours of operation, email archives@sait.ca.