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Work Integrated Learning Opportunities

As an employer in the ever-evolving business industry, you have positions to fill with individuals that are trained with the perfect combination of cutting-edge knowledge and practical experience. People with the skills and diplomacy to ease comfortably into your organization. People with the talent to help your business grow and evolve with the new economy.

The benefits

The work-integrated learning opportunities at SAIT's School of Business offer you:

  • Access to motivated, skilled and productive candidates.
  • An opportunity to effectively evaluate potential permanent employees.
  • Savings on recruitment costs and improved retention, with an appropriate employment match.
  • A concentrated pool of experienced, talented professionals with which to maintain your competitive advantage in the marketplace.

The candidates

Employers don't just need bodies. Students don't just need jobs. What everyone needs is the right fit.

At SAIT, students benefit from a quality curriculum, delivered by leading instructors, featuring a balanced academic diet of theory and hands-on practice.

The programs

Meeting industry demand is what SAIT's School of Business programs are designed to achieve. We start with input from industry leaders and add leading educators who are experts in their field. We utilize an applied style of learning that is both innovative and technology-driven.

The end result: widely respected programs accredited by the government, professional organizations, and industry.

Practicum availability

Practicum Availability Duration* Paid/Unpaid
Administrative Information Management May, September 4 weeks Paid or unpaid
Bachelor of Applied Business Administration September, January, May 32 weeks Paid
Bachelor of Business Administration (Majors: Accounting, Financial Services, Human Resources Management, Management, Marketing, Supply Chain Management) September, January, May 16 weeks Paid
Journalism — Photojournalism March, July 4 weeks Paid or unpaid
Journalism — Print & Online March, July 4 weeks Paid or unpaid
Legal Assistant May 4 weeks Unpaid
Library Information Technology January, April 3 weeks Unpaid

*denotes minimum practicum length

The process 

  • Submit your work term position offering(s) to the contact below for the desired program. The position(s) will be evaluated for fit and promoted to students.
  • Students will follow the application process outlined by your organization. If you wish to have SAIT help with a custom application method, let us know!
  • Upon completion of the interview process, choose the candidate whom you feel best meets your organization's needs.

The expectation

We ask that you, the employer:

  • Use reasonable efforts to enable the student to receive broad exposure to the business carried on by the company at your facility.
  • Require the student to perform only such tasks as reasonably fall within the scope of the student's training and abilities.
  • Sign a practicum employment agreement outlining the above-mentioned responsibilities.
  • Complete a brief survey at the end of the work experience term.


Administrative Information Management
Dave Warner Academic Chair 403.284.8697 dave.warner@sait.ca
Ruby Brar Practicum Coordinator 403.284.8717 ruby.brar@sait.ca
Bachelor of Applied Business Administration
Ryan Ogrodniczuk DFS Coordinator ryan.ogrodniczuk@sait.ca
Andrew Julio Academic Advisor andrew.julio@sait.ca
Bachelor of Business Administration
Joey Post Work Integrated Learning Coordinator 403.284.8349 joey.post@sait.ca
Journalism — Photojournalism
Loanne Benner Academic Chair loanne.benner@sait.ca 
Journalism — Print & Online
Loanne Benner Academic Chair loanne.benner@sait.ca 
Legal Assistant
Dave Warner Academic Chair 403.284.8697 dave.warner@sait.ca
Linda Gardner Practicum Coordinator 403.284.8518 linda.gardner@sait.ca
Library Information Technology, Information and Records Management
Donna Campbell Practicum Coordinator donna.campbell@sait.ca