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LINK is SAIT's award-winning alumni magazine published twice a year. Each issue connects you with current ideas in technology, trades and business, inspiration for lifelong learning, and the real-world voices of your fellow SAIT alumni.

The Fall 2022 LINK celebrates four major SAIT milestones with a look at Saitsa’s first 100 years; a salute to 50 years of paramedic programs in the School of Health and Public Safety; a profile remembering the late Clayton Carroll in honour of 20 years of the Automotive Centre bearing his name; and a countdown of 10 ways the Trades and Technology Complex has impacted students throughout its first decade. Plus: meet this year’s Alumni Awards recipients!

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LINK connects readers with the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology through stories about the impact SAIT alumni and educators are making on the trades, technology, business, and research — in everyday life, on campus, for the future, and around the world. Published twice a year in print and online, LINK nurtures alumni pride in their association with SAIT and offers every reader authentic SAIT perspectives on timely ideas, innovation, and issues that are relevant to the lives of all people in our diverse community.


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LINK connects with readers through well-crafted stories showcasing the impact SAIT alumni and educators are making on the trades, technology, business and research. Our primary audience is SAIT alumni — entrepreneurs, leaders and community builders with practical skills and pride in their alma mater.

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