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Hire an intern

Internship students from the School of Hospitality and Tourism will have completed a year of study and are required to complete a minimum number of hours of work experience within their chosen discipline.

They are looking for an opportunity to apply their education, talent and innovation to training and experience within the industry.

A student pulls loafs of bread out of a commercial oven in SAIT kitchens.

Why SAIT students?


How do internships benefit employers?

  • proven, cost-effective way to recruit and evaluate potential employees
  • influence the quality of future employees
  • new perspectives are introduced
  • quality employees for temporary or seasonal positions and projects
  • enhanced community image by contributing your expertise to the educational enterprise.

The expectation

Our request of you, the employer:

  • provide realistic tasks the intern can accomplish within the internship period
  • sign a practicum agreement outlining the responsibilities
  • incorporate the students' particular strengths and identify for the student expected outcomes
  • demonstrate how this work relates to the overall efforts of the department or organization
  • maintain an open channel of communication with formal and informal meetings
  • complete an employer evaluation of student intern

Performance evaluation of the internship student

At the end of the internship work term period, you'll need to complete the following evaluation and discuss your comments with the student. The student must complete the required number of hours between May and August, and achieve an acceptable level of performance to receive credit for their practicum program. If the overall level of performance of the intern is considered marginal or unsatisfactory, a representative of the internship program will contact the employer for clarification and a specific understanding of the issues.

Performance evaluation form*

*Please download and print a copy of the performance evaluation form to submit.

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