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Reports to Donors

A look at the incredible impact our SAIT donors have made over the past year.

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Annual Report 2021/22

It’s been another year of ongoing and accelerated change. It’s been a year of evolution at SAIT — one guided by a commitment to lead change outlined in our Strategic Plan, New World. New Thinking.

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The I. G. Lewis Student Emergency Fund

Thank you. We asked for help and you were there.

When all in-person classes were cancelled on March 15, 2020, due to concerns over the spread of COVID-19, SAIT knew that the pandemic would have an incredible impact on our students.

But as is typical of the greater SAIT community, we asked for your help and you were there. The SAIT family came together in a big way with contributions to the I.G. Lewis Student Emergency Fund.

We are pleased to provide you with an overview of how you, and the greater SAIT community, came together to help our students succeed.

I.G. Lewis Student Emergency Fund

2020/21 Impact report

Thank you for your continued support. SAIT is changing and proud to be leading change, and donors like you allow us to build strong, resilient, inclusive and future-proof communities. Your commitment to SAIT helps provide students with the mindset to lead and with the skills to create, evolve and to make a difference.

Because of you, our students receive an applied education that results in jobs, innovative opportunities and long-term career adaptability. Together, we are building the champions of tomorrow.

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Giving Day 2021 report

One day. One gift. Many futures. 

24 hours make up just a single day in the year. But from 10 am on Tuesday, Oct. 5 to 10 am Wednesday, Oct. 6, 2021, our SAIT family made that 24-hour period one to remember.

In that short amount of time, our community — SAIT alumni, donors, employees and friends — came together to contribute $128,542 towards student success. Thank you!

Giving Day 2021

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