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Commitment to excellence

Strategic plan 2020 - 2025

People • Culture • Growth

SAIT is a network of know-how, energy and talent advanced through relevant, action-based learning, solution-focused research and enterprising collaborations.

Our people, culture and ongoing growth form the foundation of our story, our brand.

Equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI)

EDI provides the conditions for a healthy campus where our community feels welcomed, supported, included, valued and empowered to succeed.

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  • provide thoughtful health, safety and wellness programs and services for students and employees
  • develop and implement a diversity and inclusion strategy to build a supportive community for all students and employees
  • acknowledge SAIT's commitment to First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples and, in the spirit of Truth and Reconciliation, deliver the priorities outlined in our Indigenous Learner Success Strategy
  • recognize and support employee excellence:
    • hire for a growth mindset, curiosity and collaboration.
    • actively invest in skills development and renewal through training, industry secondments and exchanges
    • build organizational leadership capacity through our leadership development programs demonstrate value for expertise and reward creativity
    • ensure access to tools and resources needed to get things done


  • invest in finding better ways of doing business to increase our agility, responsiveness and effectiveness
  • drive sustainable financial growth through new revenue streams, efficiencies and partnerships
  • become a digital institution in all aspects of business processes and interactions
  • advance environmental sustainability through operating practices and programming alignment with industry trends

Future proof

"This is our home... where we advance our know-how, energy and talents with relevant, action-based learning; solution-focused research; and enterprising collaborations with people and partners from around the globe." - SAIT's brand story

This plan is a clear roadmap for SAIT. Our industry connections — our competitive advantage — will allow us to quickly bring relevant new products to market.

Poul Overgaard
Director, Business Insights and Analytics


  • encourage innovative thinking and prudent risk-taking — embracing trial and error as an important part of learning
  • lead with a world-class customer experience mindset across the organization
  • be dynamic. Products will be responsive to market demand and customer needs — speed and agility are critical.
  • drive collaboration through cross-organizational projects and initiatives
A group of SAIT students gather in a seating area in the Johnson-Cobbe Energy Centre.

Strategic Plan 2020 - 2025

Our vision


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