By creating greater awareness of the neurodiversity supports, services, programming and education available within the SAIT community, this group is working towards making all students feel welcomed, supported and included.

How we support students

  • creating positive experiences with faculty and staff
  • enhancing your strengths
  • increasing confidence in your academic ability
  • fostering social connection and belonging


Language shapes our understanding of the world and influences how people perceive themselves and others. The words we use to talk about neurodiversity have a powerful impact on creating inclusion, connection and belonging.

  • Neurodiversity: Naturally occurring diversity in how people think, see and interact with the world.
  • Neurodivergent: Having a mind that processes, learns and behaves in a way that diverges from the status quo.
  • Universal design: The design and composition of an environment so that it can be accessed, understood and used by all people regardless of their age, size, ability or disability. When something is universally designed, it can be easily accessed by everyone.*
  • Language guides: Best practices for respectful language when talking about neurodiversity and when talking to neurodivergent and/or people with disabilities.

*Source: Centre for Excellence in Universal Design

Get involved

Do you identify as neurodivergent? Want to join the work as an ally? We invite students, staff, faculty and the community to be part of the process. There are opportunities for sharing your experience with neurodiversity and for ongoing involvement.

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Individuals looking to broaden their understanding and connection can find support and advocacy both on and off campus.

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