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Skills for the future

Strategic plan 2020 - 2025

We equip students with essential skills for career success.

Technology is transforming the world of work — it's no longer a solution you outsource, it's part of every business and every business culture. Without people to implement, problem solve and ask, "what's next?", technology alone isn't a solution.

Our goal for the next five years — and beyond — is to ensure SAIT students have the digital literacy, personal agility and entrepreneurial spirit to succeed in a future driven by people, powered by technology.

The future starts now

Technology is shaping the world — and your future job opportunities. Get the digital skills you need to succeed in today’s fast-paced tech industry.

School for Advanced Digital Technology


A mind set to possibilities

Help students flourish in their future careers by developing a growth mindset, entrepreneurial skills and resilience:

  • mindset development — develop programming for all students that builds growth mindset, leadership, adaptability, resilience and inquiry
  • make new and emerging technology accessible to students to spark curiosity and nurture entrepreneurial drive
  • create pathways for students to showcase innovative thinking, build business literacy, access mentorship and gain exposure to industry leaders

Advanced tech — it's what's now and what's next

Build skills in data literacy and the application of advanced technology across all schools and programs:

  • infuse leading-edge technology within all schools, programs, spaces and applied research
  • build digital technology and data literacy education for all students in all program areas
  • develop new methods of teaching and learning using advanced technology tools

Digital transformation

Now more than ever, SAIT will step to the forefront to advance, inspire and fuel the innovation of our aspiring professionals - contributing to the technological diversification and advancement of our local and global workforce.

Dr. Raynie Wood
Dean, School for Advanced Digital Technology

Integrated, essential workplace skills

Broaden our model of applied education to equip students with the human and cross-disciplinary skills needed to thrive in a changing workplace:

  • create more cross-disciplinary learning opportunities and increase the exposure of students to different disciplines and people
  • break down boundaries between programs through avenues such as integrated capstone projects
  • elevate the role of workplace learning in all program areas by engaging industry as an active partner in the education of SAIT students. Increase student access to quality workplace experiences
A group of SAIT students gather in a seating area in the Johnson-Cobbe Energy Centre.

Strategic Plan 2020 - 2025

Our vision


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