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Women in Trades and Technology (WITT)

SAIT’s WITT Committee wants to encourage, promote and retain gender diversity and inclusion in the trade and technology industries and provide individuals with the tools and opportunities they need to meet their goals.

In 2015, WITT was formed by three SAIT School of Construction instructors with the purpose of supporting women entering less-traditional career paths. WITT is made up of industry professionals and members from the SAIT community. The group has grown from a handful of passionate founders to more than 100 committed inclusion champions. WITT works with students, faculty and industry partners to create resources and opportunities for one another.

Mentorship program

The WITT mentorship programs build meaningful relationships that help mentees grow and develop as professionals and allow mentors to share their experiences while supporting a mentee’s goals.

WITT’s mentorship programs are a great way to further equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) initiatives, and your personal and company EDI journey. We have two mentorship programs:

  1. The Individual Mentorship Program starts in the spring and runs for 12 weeks.
  2. The Group Mentorship Program starts in November and runs for six weeks.
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International Women's Day Conference

SAIT and WITT celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women with an annual conference. Throughout the day, we have meaningful conversations with inspiring speakers from a variety of industries and backgrounds. These conversations are empowering, honest and thoughtful – motivating professionals and leaders to continue to strive for more equitable standards across industries.

Watch our 2022 conference and save the date for our next one: March 8, 2023.



External resources

  • Canadian Association of Women in Construction: CAWIC provides women with the "opportunity to demonstrate their leadership and hone their skills by participating on our committees and board positions".
  • Canadian Construction Women: Canadian Construction Women builds a "stronger construction industry by inspiring and supporting women".
  • Women Building Futures: Women Building Futures provides "industry-recognized training and affordable housing for women looking to enter the construction, maintenance and driving industries."
  • Alberta Women's Science Network: AWSN’s main objective is "to connect, unite, support and promote STEM programs" throughout Alberta.