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Process Operations Lab

The Process Operations Lab refers to space and equipment that supports process engineering capabilities available within the Enerplus Centre for Innovation. It is managed by the Environmental Technologies research area and the IRCC Program.

Pilot Projects that Solve Real-world Problems

The Environmental Technologies research area utilizes process engineering capabilities at the Enerplus Centre to develop prototype pilot systems in collaboration with industry partners and many stakeholders.

Facility Highlights

Process operations prototype systems include:

  • Electrodialysis pilot water treatment for water desalination of saline ground water for drinking, agriculture, live-stock and industrial steam boilers etc.,
  • Ceramic membrane filtration to remove suspended solids, turbidity, oil and grease, and organic carbon from produced water for recycle and reuse in industrial steam boilers and other sectors
  • Reverse osmosis desalination to produce pure water for drinking, agriculture, live-stock, industrial steam boilers, etc.
  • Fractional distillation to separate components within a liquid mixture using evaporation and condensation and to conduct studies on renewable (Solar) energy desalination
  • Advanced oxidation processes to reduce total organic carbon and related contaminants, including removal of pathogens.
  • Chemical vapour deposition (CVD), plasma-enhanced CVD, and plasma enhanced-atomic layer deposition to create a variety of thin film layers/coatings for industrial and applied research applications.

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