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Letters from SAIT's 2017 Outstanding Young Alumni

Words of wisdom from the 2017 Outstanding Young Alumni Award recipients Nicky Nash, Albert Mejie and Avree Bujaczek.

Dear Class of 2018,

I remember the day I walked across the stage to receive my diploma — it felt so good to hold it in my hand.

My journey at SAIT began in January 2006. I was a small-town girl from Hussar, AB, but I suddenly found myself in an institution with thousands of people and large buildings. However, it didn't take long for SAIT to become my home. I started to make friends and got to know my instructors. Little did I know at the time that two of these instructors would make a significant impact on my life.

During my third semester at SAIT, I was encouraged by two instructors to apply to study abroad in Denmark. Lucky for me, I was selected as one of the students to represent SAIT.

The trip to Denmark truly changed the course of my life. It taught me that the world is much bigger than myself, that meeting new people and developing new friendships is worthwhile and that taking risks can pay off. It taught me how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. I gained self-confidence and I learned to be more independent.

My SAIT experience gave me many unique, rewarding and life-changing opportunities that eventually led to my career in marketing and now the not-for-profit sector.

My advice to you is to take chances, be willing to try new things and never to stop learning. Stay in touch with your classmates and your SAIT family. They are a tremendous resource and support as you navigate your career.

I wish you all the best in your endeavours and welcome you to the fantastic alumni family!

Nicky Nash 
Business Administration '08, Outstanding Young Alumna '17

Executive Director, Kids Up Front

SAIT 2017 Outstanding Young Alumnus Albert Mejia

Dear Class of 2018,

Your post-secondary journey may be ending, but you are well on your way to shaking up this world. I've been there — it's scary and it's nerve-racking — but don't be afraid. Take this next step in your career head on and be your unique self. This world doesn't need copycats — we need change-makers.

Since graduating, I've vowed to be a strong voice for my community — the people around me — and more importantly, a voice for our future generation. It has been my constant pursuit to be a positive influence in my personal, business, career and creative life. I believe that this being at the core of what I do has helped me achieve greater things than I have could have imagined. And I am only getting started.

You guys made it here, you made it this far. Keep going. Fail first, fail again and fail into growth. Never be afraid to fail for something you are passionate about.

Get out there, shake this world up and get down with the hustle!

Albert Myles Mejia 
Aircraft Structures Technician '10, Business Administration '14, Outstanding Young Alumnus '17

Founder, Legal Hustle Clothing
Founder, YYC SOLEdiers
Co-founder, Empirical Freedom

SAIT 2017 Outstanding Young Alumna Avree Bujaczek

Dear Class of 2018,

I don't know about you, but SAIT changed my life forever and I couldn't be more proud to call it my Alma Mater.

When I came to Calgary, I knew fewer people than what I could count on one hand, so starting off in a small class at SAIT helped me to feel comfortable in such a big, fast-paced city. Since then, it's incredible to see how much my network has grown over the years thanks to the industry connections I made as a student. I had the pleasure of being part of the first graduating class from SAIT's Bachelor of Science Construction Project Management program in 2015.

It might sound like things really fell into place and have been easy for me, but that hasn't always been the case. Before my time at SAIT, I had failed out of university and was in a job I saw no future in. I could never have imagined I would be where I am today.

My advice to you is to take risks — you may surprise yourself.  If you can get your foot in the door with an opportunity, take it! You never know where it will get you. And while you're out there being amazing, don't forget those who have helped you along the way, and be sure to give back in whatever way you can.

Best of luck to you!

Avree Bujaczek
Construction Project Management '15, Outstanding Young Alumna '17

Project Coordinator, POMERLEAU
Chair, Calgary Construction Association's Young Construction Leaders Committee

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