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Danny de Castro
Danny de Castro is an award-winning instructor chosen by students at SAIT.

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“I’ve always loved libraries. As a rule, library people are amazing, and working with amazing people inspires me.”

Danny de Castro’s path to SAIT includes two master’s degrees — Library and Information Studies, and Education, specializing in Adult and Workplace Learning — working as a library assistant at Lethbridge College, a stint in the oil and gas sector and teaching corporate training.

Since 2016, he’s been a full-time instructor in the Library and Information Technology program #HereAtSAIT, delivering courses ranging from reference and records management to technology in libraries and web design for information professionals. 

Last year, Danny received a Saitsa Instructor Excellence Award. In their nomination, his students describe Danny as a caring and engaging instructor, who creates an environment where students feel supported and want to participate in their courses. This was Danny’s second win — he was first recognized with the award in 2019.

“My favorite thing about my industry is that everyone in it wants to learn and help people.”

Similarly, as an instructor, he gets a lot of satisfaction from teaching students who are invested in their learning.

“Students in post-secondary want to be there and learn. As adult learners, they also have so much lived experience to offer. That experience provides context to theory, and that context provides a rich learning environment.

“Learning should always be a two-way street. The adult learners I share the classroom with are as much a part of the teaching as I am.”

Inside the classroom, Danny likes to mix things up and often uses a variety of teaching tools and methods to keep things interesting.

“People learn in diverse ways. It’s an instructor's job to facilitate those learning styles to keep the students engaged and energized.”

What’s the one big thing he hopes students take away from his class? Confidence.

“I know some of what I teach now may be obsolete in five years. I want my students to walk away knowing when they see something new, they can learn and understand it with a bit of effort.” 

Outside the classroom, he sees his industry leading the way in fighting information and technological inequality.

“There are some remarkable new libraries in the city, filled with amazing and accessible technology. It goes beyond just computers — there are 3D printers, virtual reality headsets, AV recording studios, to name just a few. Libraries allow access to this tech for people who would not otherwise be able to afford it.”

Instructor Excellence Awards

👏 Danny de Castro is an award-winning instructor chosen by students at SAIT. Celebrate your excellent instructor — nominations for Saitsa’s 2023 Instructor Excellence Awards are now open!

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