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#SAITFaces: Jalyn Sparvier

"At the end of the day, my professors and classmates, the community here, made my educational journey a fun and safe learning experience...

S. Preston: Minimalist creations

Sports artist S. Preston (CTSR '96) - who created the minimalist Heritage Hall on this issue's cover — taps deep into what makes...

#SAITfaces: Gerry Duffy

Gerry Duffy’s resume reads more like an atlas.⁣

#SAITfaces: Rhea Wilson

Questions about SAIT? Ask an expert, like Rhea!

#SAITfaces: Sujata Haydu

You could say a gut feeling brought Sujata to SAIT.⁣

#SAITfaces: Ray Bucknell

Education never stops for Ray Bucknell.⁣⁣

#SAITfaces: Clarence Hollingworth

Happy 106th birthday to our oldest known alumnus, Clarence Hollingworth!

#SAITfaces: Alex Marin

“Personal growth is very important to me and knowing how fast-paced technology is, I don't want to be left in the dust.”⁣

#SAITfaces: Dawson Thomas

“There is always room for us to be more diverse, more daring, more bold and more inclusive."

#SAITfaces: Gina Botelho

“If I had to summarize why I do what I do, it’s people, learning and growth.”

#SAITfaces: Jennie Gilbert

“For so long, we have set change up to be a big hairy monster. Change doesn't have to be scary."

#SAITfaces: Gonzalo Villasmil

“SpaceX reached incredible milestones in 2020. I’m grateful to have been part of these accomplishments and look forward to what the...

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