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Brightening futures through the SAIT Family Campaign

The SAIT family continues to brighten the futures of students #HereAtSAIT through the annual ShoutOut campaign.

What works recap: So you want to start a podcast

SAIT alumni share their podcasting know-how — from conception to production.

Scoring up success with the Métis Scholars Award

Brittany MacDonald has always been passionate about three things: working in healthcare, hockey and fitness. At SAIT, MacDonald was able to pursue...

3 ways to celebrate Heritage Hall's centennial

2022 is a milestone year — Heritage Hall is turning 100! Join in the celebrations with these three tips.

The castle on the hill: Third-place prize to first-class institute

Designed by Alberta provincial architect Richard Palin Blakey, Heritage Hall was constructed on North Hill overlooking downtown Calgary to...

Architecture of a Queen: A monument for the future

Heritage Hall was designated a Canadian national historic site in 1987 because of its place in the development of vocational education in Western...

The No. 2 Wireless School at Heritage Hall: Heroes in training

Take a trip back in history to 1940 and hear what it would have been like as PITA was transformed into the No. 2 Wireless School.

Growing up in Heritage Hall: The University Demonstration School

Close "chums" for over 70 years, three alumni of the University Demonstration School (UDS) recount their childhood memories from their...

Master of murals: Establishing the art scene in Calgary

Ever wonder about the murals in Heritage Hall? Listen and learn how the walls became a gallery, a canvas and a platform for many legendary local...

A place and platform for students: Saitsa turns 100

From lobbying government to student support and campus events, former Saitsa presidents reflect on the frolics and achievements during their time...

Better together: Preserving Heritage Hall and making room for the future

Heritage Hall: renovation, or demolition? Hear how Heritage Hall became both a provincial and a national historic site — and proof that some...

Namesakes of Heritage Hall: The gift of giving back

Hear as our guests discuss the ways philanthropy nurtures great cities, the excitement of restoring Heritage Hall during the 1980s and how giving...

Behind the making of "If These Halls Could Talk"

What goes into hearing history? SAIT Alumnus Ron Tarrant goes into what it took to produce an audio series in celebration of the Heritage Hall...

Tax time! 5 ways to make your (tax) life easier

Taxes don’t need to be scary. Here are five tips to make your (tax) life easier.

"They finally found it"

In preparation of Heritage Hall’s centennial, scheduled restoration work to the west stairs of the building revealed a package intentionally...

Honouring a memory to move others forward

The Naomi Fujikawa Memorial Award honours the memory of a loving wife, mother and friend Naomi and supports student success.

What Works: Side Hustle 101

When it comes to starting up your own business or taking a side gig to the next level, there’s no one size fits all approach. So, where does...

Celebrating 107 years with simple pleasures on his birthday

SAIT's oldest known alumnus, Clarence Hollingworth, turns 107.

SAIT’s Family Campaign supports students through the Grace Chantiam Bracci Memorial Award

Grace Chantiam left a positive impact on her colleagues at SAIT every day.

Advancing equity, diversity and inclusion through the SAIT Family Campaign

This year, SAIT employees can recognize someone who is helping make SAIT more inclusive by sending them an Inclusion Matters ShoutOut.

Shout it out loud — Family Campaign peer recognition

Through the ShoutOut program, employees at SAIT have the chance to celebrate their colleagues who go that extra mile to help get things done and do...

Advancing student success through the SAIT Family Campaign

SAIT Family Campaign is back and it's just around the corner. This SAIT employee campaign brings financial relief to students and helps...

Heritage Hall stands the test of time

SAIT's landmark stands tall 95 years after its ground breaking and its design continues to influence the look of the modern campus.

From avatars to influencers

A pilot out of the SAIT School of Business is using virtual reality simulation to teach students in the art of customer service.

Building a bigger picture with mixed reality teaching tools

The SAIT School of Construction is making the case for mixed reality teaching tools, such as 3D animation and holographic imaging, to take hands-on...

Four things I've learned from natural disaster

SAIT alumna shares four tips on keeping a level head in challenging situations, including a natural disaster.

SAIT Alumni Business Directory holiday guide

Take the stress out of holiday shopping this season — explore the SAIT Alumni Business Directory holiday guide for unique gift ideas while...

Walking in two worlds

As it celebrates its 20th anniversary, the Chinook Lodge Resource Centre is a welcoming space where Indigenous students feel ownership and...

Charting the course to a career in maps

How a SAIT degree helped one student find his way

On the Job: rooted in building a family business

Rooted in nearly one hundred years of history, this SAIT alumna and her husband bring the family business into the 21st century.

Setting youth up for success with a digital mindset

SAIT's Learner and Academic Services department is working with junior high and high school boards, teachers and students to build their...

SAIT advances energy education with digital learning tools

Instructors in the SAIT MacPhail School of Energy introduce immersive digital technologies to enhance curriculum, better engage students and make...

Moving forward through positive action

SAIT graduate and student award recpient Sarah Raddatz, shares why she focuses on opportunitities rather than obstacles.

Hands On: Aerobic water treatment control unit

This small-scale treatment plant gives water resource management students big-picture insights into automated processes they'll use in...

Credential in hand — now what?

Five tips to help you improve your professional profile and your job search.

The value of connection

SAIT grad, Keane Straub, explores the ways alumni are gaining value from their connections with SAIT.

Building a better future with the Aboriginal Futures Endowment Fund

Thanks to a recent commitment from our donor family, support for Indigenous education is set far into the future.

Building trades skills into career skills

Future-proof your life in the trades with these tips for developing the soft skills employers want and the business skills entrepreneurs need.

Shelley Kuipers — 2021 Distinguished Alumna

SAIT celebrates 2021 Distinguished Alumna Shelley Kuipers for removing barriers for female entrepreneurs with a feminist-forward financial platform.

Doug Braden — 2021 Outstanding Young Alumni

Doug Braden is celebrated as SAIT's 2021 Outstanding Young Alumni for his efforts in pivoting his business model to create and distribute...

Mike Lamacchia — 2021 Distinguished Alumni

SAIT alumni Mike Lamacchia is honoured as a 2021 Distinguished Alumni for his innovative work to improve emergency care in rural prairie provinces.

2021 Giving Day — that's a wrap!

2021 Giving Day brought a welcomed excitement to the SAIT community as donors, alumni, students and employees came together (online) to bring on...

Inclusion Matters — empowering the SAIT community to lead a better future

The Inclusion Matters priority fund will help to ensure the SAIT campus is a place where everyone feels welcomed, supported, included and empowered...

Top 3 ways to make an impact on SAIT Giving Day

When it comes to making a difference in the success of SAIT students, every little bit has the potential to make a difference.

Hands-on learning gets a tune-up with donor gifted vehicles

A recent donation from Ford allows students in the Ford ASSET program to hone their skills on the vehicles they will service after graduation.

Strides for student success

SAIT grads Gursh Bal and Kai Fahrion are paying it back by setting up an award for SAIT students interested in a sustainable future.

Global perspectives: Studying at SAIT during a pandemic

In a global economy, SAIT's International Centre works to recruit, welcome and support students from around the world — even in the...

The impact on under-used technologies during the pandemic

Household appliances and technologies are being used more than ever before during this pandemic — but what about more complex machines...

Four things I've learned helping kids with vision loss to skateboard

Matt Janz (JA '12) is a low vision, legally blind Calgary skateboarder and the founder of Skate Bats, a program that introduces kids with...

Trevor Hofbauer: Life lessons from the pursuit of greatness in running

Trevor Hofbauer (HMGT '13) shares life lessons learned through his career-making races, a journey he hopes will lead to the 2020 Olympics in...

Pro tips: 5 tips for adding smart technology to your home

As more appliances and devices begin working together to make household tasks easier and more efficient, here are five wise ways to add smart...

Inclusive reading and listening picks to add to your list

For LINK writer and SAIT alumna Giselle Wedemire (JA ’13), raising awareness around equity and diversity lies close to her heart. Following...

The road ahead: A conversation about equity, diversity and inclusion

As global Black Lives Matter protests sparked a cultural awakening last summer, the conversations involved in building an Equity, Diversity and...

On the job: The art of doing it right

As the Design Technology Manager for the Centre Block Restoration Project, Tim Lazaruk uses technology to create intelligent data being leveraged...

Follow the data: SAIT grad shares path to giving his career a "reset"

Machine learning, boot camps and the Alumni for Alumni Bursary: Tony Sassine's path to a new career as a data scientist.

A peek inside SAIT's new vision care sciences programs

Eye problems are increasing as people spend more time in front of screens, yet Alberta’s vision care industry anticipates many opticians will...

Prioritizing urban water conservation strategies

Research at SAIT's MacPhail School of Energy is helping the City of Calgary find new ways for homes and businesses to reduce water use and...

Donor supported position stick-handles students to success

Angela Flanagan is putting students first in her full-time role with SAIT’s Lamb Learner Success Centre.

From learning the basics to bringing the heat at Top Chef Canada

SAIT grad Alex Edmonson is the latest from SAIT's School of Hospitality and Tourism to compete on season 9 of Top Chef Canada.

Human connection, technology and the future

SAIT graduate Ben Reed has spent his career bridging the gap between people and technology so we can all breathe a little easier.

Honouring a legacy of passion with the Chris Tindall Memorial Award

New award honours Tindall's legacy and commitment to building future leaders in the protein industry.

How to change the world one green building at a time

Researchers with SAIT's Green Building Technologies Lab and Demonstration Centre working to help Calgary homeowners meet the Living Building...

On the job: An automotive arbitrator's journey

SAIT graduate Ashley Luker shares her journey from working on family cars as a young girl to settling disputes as a senior arbitrator.

Are you future proof?

Despite the disruption of COVID-19, change remains a constant in the world of work. LINK explores some insights, tips and tricks on how to be...

Into the wind - increase workflow, efficiency and hireability

SAIT grads Gursh Bal and Kai Fahrion provide an overview of some of the challenges and opportunities they’ve identified within the renewable...

Into the wind - be as technically savvy as possible

Energy industry insider and SAIT graduate Keith MacPhail speaks about the influence and vitality of technology in the energy industry.

Into the wind - relationships create new connections through new channels

SAIT grad shares the impact the economic downturn and COVID-19 has had on non-profits, and how they can harness digital initiatives to build new...

Into the wind - adapt to new ways of doing business

SAIT grad and small business owner Sarah Erasmus explores how to build an Indigenous-inspired and resilient small business during COVID-19.

Into the wind - develop technical literacy

SAIT graduate Heather Culbert shares a strategy for success through broadening your skillset and developing tech literacy, regardless of your field.

Into the wind - approach work with energy, enthusiasm and a smile

Alumnus Matt Squires shares his top takeaway tips from his own experiences in the hospitality and tourism industry, and how to look ahead to the...

Into the wind - stay on the cutting edge

SAIT alumnus Ryan Scott shares tips for staying ahead and thriving in the construction industry.

Saving lives with tech

Two SAIT research projects and the common goal they share.

Fall 2020 Convocation

The Fall Class of 2020 celebrated their graduation at SAIT's second virtual Convocation Ceremony on Nov. 4, 2020.

On the job: Mastering the art of 24-hour renovations

Their days of studying at SAIT may be over, but business partners Bryce Dillabough and Lance Nielsen are still experts at pulling an all-nighter...

SAIT alumni entrepreneurs get back to business

SAIT graduates and business owners Mya Khan and Grant Nolan share their experiences of perseverance and resiliency through the COVID-19 storm.

Looking back - The No. 2 Wireless Training School

SAIT's Archives has digitized a little-known collection of Second World War records and is providing crucial material for researchers and...

Six views from the digital frontier

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digital transformation and our reliance on technology, changing the way we learn, work and live.

SAIT in the time of COVID

LINK captures some of the first-hand SAIT stories, testimonials and images from this historic pandemic and preserves them for future generations.

Manufacturing creativity: Paul Brandt challenges SAIT students

SAIT's first Maker in Residence gives a big lesson in creativity for a class of 30 Mechanical Engineering Technology students.

Process control cabinet

Eight first-year Instrumentation Engineering Technology students experienced real-world control room technology on an industrial scale.

A place to belong for those with young-onset dementia

Calgary-based charity YouQuest provides recreation therapy and community for those living with young-onset dementia and for their families.

The race to protect data in the new normal

A shift to greater online living is adding to a world already awash with data, and in its wake comes a rising tide of security breaches.

Resiliency in action

SAIT graduate Cathy McDonald found resiliency through focusing on what we take for granted and the power of gratitude during a difficult situation.

A timely tale of success

A welder by trade, a strategist at heart — one of Alberta's youngest union business representatives talks about making a difference...

Reassurance in hard times

For Lina Yepes, COVID-19 could not have come at a worse time — she lost her job, and shortly after was diagnosed with breast cancer.

SAIT family rallies to support students impacted by COVID-19

More than 260 donors have provided over $130,000 to support SAIT students impacted by the pandemic.

Alumnus turns up the volume for local food bank

Class of 2017 alumnus Britt Jones raises money for the Edmonton Food Bank

Local anchor stays on the air to deliver essential COVID-19 news

It’s the same but it’s different. That’s the way to describe Linda Olsen’s job as an anchor during a world-wide pandemic.

On the job: Shielding Canada's front-line workers

SAIT graduate Doug Braden has been working an average of 17 hours a day since March 21, 2020. His part in fabricating face shields in response to...

Alumnus expands his business to supply face shields to front-line workers

Doug Braden responds to the critical need for PPE across Canada.

It’s safety first for COVID-19 in the appliance repair trade

Increased use of appliances during pandemic has Appliance Service Technician grad answering many service calls.

SAIT student juggles multiple jobs on the COVID-19 front line

To say Annalise Woertman’s life has been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic is an understatement.

On the job: A shipbuilder's bio

SAIT Steamfitter-Pipefitter grad Ryan Logan is using his skills to help build a budding industry and some of Canada’s largest ships.

On the job: The life of a railroader

Locomotive engineer Leslie Lukan drives 60 miles an hour with 14,000 tonnes and more than two miles of train behind her. Her work assembling and...

On the job: Moving forward after the Humbolt Broncos

Respiratory Therapist grad Kelsey Thibault draws on her front-line experience to promote grief and trauma support for RTs across Canada.

On the job: The art of illusion

By day, SAIT graduate Gwyn Auger is a customer service agent, but her side gigs include social media consulting, modelling, levitation and being...

On the job: Building Calgary's urban community from the ground up

How the pursuit of belonging led Calgary entrepreneur and artist Beni Johnson to become a purveyor of hip hop culture.

On the job: Engineering our daily experiences

SAIT network engineering grad Carl Heikel says his success doesn't rely on keeping up with technology — it's vital he stays ahead...

On the job: Designing Heartland

Go behind the scenes of Canada's longest-running drama with two people responsible for its iconic look.

On the job: Cooking for political leaders, business moguls and celebrities

SAIT grad and world-class chef Rosalyn Ediger returns to her alma mater to teach the next generation of chefs at SAIT.

Pro tips: Five strengthening steps for challenging times

Five strengthening steps for challenging times.

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