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Connecting Students and Industry

Our industry-focused training is key to career success. Students learning in our classroom and lab environments gain the skills needed to be job-ready the moment they graduate. Through industry connections, we better prepare our students for the workplace. When industry and students connect — it’s a win-win, any way you look at it.

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Need solutions? We can help!

Our capstone projects bring together the knowledge our students gain in their program and require them to apply their learning to address real-world challenges. Does your organization have a challenge it needs help solving? Our students might just have the answers.

Your organization benefits from fresh ideas from inspired and eager minds, while our students gain valuable industry experience. Programs with industry-sponsored capstones are:

  • Integrated Water Management
  • Petroleum Engineering Technology
  • Electrical Engineering Technology

Capstones are a comprehensive exercise that requires students, usually in their fourth semester, to work in groups to develop and finalize formal reports and presentations that solve industry problems.

To sponsor a capstone project, email us at macphail.industry@sait.ca

Discover our practicums

At SAIT, we embrace work-integrated learning. Our graduates benefit from gaining job-ready skills and future employers gain talent that’s ready to hit the ground running.

Interested in taking part? Do it! Your company will get a sneak peek at the newest talent in the pipeline while making a difference in our students’ careers with real-life, industry-specific work experience. Practicums are also an ideal opportunity to support your short- and medium-term projects.

Over the years, we have taken SAIT students on for practicums, and when there’s a good fit and the right opportunity, we have kept them on after they have completed their schooling. They have helped our team grow and bring innovation to our work.

Bryan Waller, Associate, Golder

Engage with students on campus

Networking isn’t always easy, so we aim to give our students a leg up through our industry nights. This gives students a chance to practice their networking skills, learn about industry from those working in industry and develop their confidence as they prepare to move forward into their career. These events are well organized with structured “mingling” activities and guest speakers. There is no expectation that you will hire students, but hey, if it happens – that’s great!

We love bringing in experts to speak on a topic with current relevance in the energy industry. We are specifically interested in the latest trends in the sustainability space or other areas of significant innovation. Connect with us if you have a topic that you think is relevant to a wide variety of students in our programs.

Be our guest! To support our programs in maintaining industry-relevant trends, we aim to host guest lecturers who can speak to our students in the classroom on a topic pertinent to the course they are studying.

Connect with us if you'd like to participate in our industry nights, lunch and learn sessions or if you want to join us as a guest speaker in class.

Need extra support? Hire a student while they are on their semester break. Students are eager and well-positioned to put what they’ve learned into practice.

Send your job postings to MacPhail.Industry@sait.ca. We’ll share it with our students and get you the support you need.

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MacPhail School of Energy graduates are ready to work and have the qualifications to fill a wide variety of roles in industry. Get fresh talent to meet your company's human resources needs.

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