Mandatory requirements

To apply for this program, you must have previously completed a two-year Business Administration diploma or equivalent at an accredited post-secondary institution. Review admission requirements for more details.


Navigate the complex world of international business and position yourself for a career in multinational corporations and international companies.

Build on your existing experience and further develop your strategic, integrative, sustainable and growth mindset to enhance business performance in a global environment. You’ll learn from supportive faculty with international industry experience. They invest in your success and will further develop your business knowledge through work-integrated learning. This learning approach mimics international business challenges and opportunities to prepare you for success in the global workplace.

You’ll further develop your business skills in our small-sized classes, where you will actively participate in collaborative coursework in critical areas. These include intercultural communications, business development, business management, regulatory and legal frameworks, marketing and strategy. You can also advance your complex interpersonal skills in negotiations, change and conflict management through our elective courses.

To achieve success in this program, you should:

  • be proactive, independent, and resourceful
  • have strong written and oral communication skills
  • be prepared to work in teams
  • be proficient in the use of a Windows-based computer and Microsoft Office software
  • spend nine to 12 hours per week on each course, including in-class hours
  • actively participate in all classes and activities
  • become familiar and adhere to SAIT’s policies and procedures
  • be ready for a challenge and committed to keeping yourself on schedule.

If you are engaged in campus life and take advantage of SAIT services and resources, you may be more likely to experience success in SAIT’s programs.

The opportunity to advance your education by transferring into this program or gain credit for previous postsecondary courses may be available.

There may also be opportunities to further your education by transferring to another institution once you graduate.

Learn more about program and institution transfer options.

In your third semester, you will take an integrated experience elective and choose between:

  • a capstone course that enables you to apply your abilities in a work-integrated learning project with a service focus OR
  • an experiential study tour course that allows you to travel internationally and work with an industry partner to apply your abilities in a real-world setting.

This program’s work-integrated learning approach will position you for roles in international management consulting, government relations, start-ups, and companies with international operations or sales when you graduate.

After successfully completing this program, graduates will receive a SAIT International Business Management post-diploma certificate.

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Careers and opportunities

Our graduates may work in the following occupations. Some careers require additional experience and education.


Career counselling and support

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The International Business Management certificate requires 30 credits (10 courses) to complete.

The program spans one year, with two and a half semesters.

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Course Credits

This course examines the legal aspects of international trade.

  • MNGT 360

This course will examine intercultural communication and its relationship to personal, organizational and societal identity and influence. The ability to communicate with people from diverse cultures will promote increased understanding of cultural differences, challenge perceptions and develop tolerance for differences. Developing intercultural communication skills will enable you to work successfully and collaboratively in a global marketplace.

  • COMM 3300

Business Development creates long-term value for an organization from customers, markets and relationships. This course will examine the relationship between traditional transactional sales, relationship selling and the evolution of the Business Development function. Market scanning and analysis and identifying potential growth markets and key customers will be examined. Relationship, customer-centred selling techniques will be developed, including relationship building, needs analysis, along with after-sales customer care. Managing a sales force includes effectively organizing a sales department, forecasting and analyzing sales, recruiting and training a sales force, evaluating performance and legal and ethical issues within the sales profession.

  • MKTG 2366

The International Marketing course enables learners to make successful global marketplace decisions. The focus will be on the application of market planning across international boundaries. Topics include the role of international marketing for Canadian businesses, an examination of the cultural, political, legal and economic implications associated with marketing internationally, and the development and implementation of international marketing strategies.

  • MNGT 360
  • MKTG 3359

In this course, you will focus on international business's impact on Canadian firms' operations and strategic decisions. You will be introduced to the threats and opportunities of globalization, international competition and regional integration. This course also includes traditional topics in international business, such as studies of the global environment, theory of international trade and investment, currency markets and modes of entry, emerging issues of global value chains, gated globalization, and changing world order.

  • ECON 305
  • MNGT 2360

Students will explore such topics as capacity planning, process and labour design, Total Quality Management (TQM) and inventory models within the operational environment of both manufacturing and service organizations. This course will broaden your knowledge of best practices and provide a framework for evaluating existing processes and recommending improvements at all levels of an organization.


This course examines developing international business strategies, designing and operating systems, and working with people worldwide to ensure sustained competitive advantage. Topics include planning, organizing, leading, and controlling profit-related activities across borders and cultures.

  • MNGT 360
  • MNGT 3365

Integrated experience elective (choose one)

Course Credits

This course examines international business through applied learning.

  • BLAW 400
  • MNGT 465

In this International Business capstone course, students will showcase their applied learning and technical skills.

  • BLAW 400
  • MNGT 465

Elective courses (choose two)

Course Credits

This course examines international sales and negotiation techniques.

  • MKTG 366

In this course, you will explore unpredictable drivers that trigger organizational change and develop capabilities to understand, drive and manage change at all levels of the organization. Topics include Types of Changes, Why Change, Understanding and Diagnosing Change, Resistance to Change, Change Communication Strategies, Change Management Perspectives, Change Management Models, Organization Development and Sense-Making approaches, Sustaining Change. This course will allow you to develop and design solutions to manage the challenges in implementing change initiatives in various areas of organizations.

  • MNGT 250
  • MNGT 4010

Project Management introduces you to the standards and best practices of the Project Management Institute. We will cover project management's technical and sociocultural components at an introductory level, including project definition, work breakdown structures, cost and scheduling techniques, and an introduction to earned value concepts. Other topics include stakeholder communications, risk management, project leadership and project closure.

  • MNGT 2321


Students must attain a PGPA and/or a CGPA of 2.0 or better in each semester and pass the necessary prerequisite courses to progress through the program. To qualify for graduation, students must pass all courses, attain a CGPA of 2.0 or better and complete course requirements within the prescribed timelines.

Review our grading and progression procedure >


Explore your options!

Some courses in this program are available through Open Studies. You can complete courses via Open Studies to get a head start on your education, reduce your course load once accepted into a credentialed program, or determine which career path best suits you before you fully commit. 

You may also take courses for general interest or personal and professional development.

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Admission requirements

Applicants educated in Canada

Applicants must demonstrate English language proficiency and meet the following requirements or equivalents:

  • must have completed a two-year Business Administration diploma or equivalent at an accredited post-secondary institution, with a minimum 2.3 grade-point average (67% or C+). This diploma must include a minimum of 20 courses or 60 credits.

All applicants who were educated outside of Canada must demonstrate English Language proficiency and provide proof they meet the program admission requirements with an international document assessment. Find out what educational documents are accepted and assessment options.

SAIT may also accept courses completed at certain international post-secondary institutions.


Academic Upgrading

Missing an admission requirement for this program? Upgrade your prior education to help you receive admission into one of SAIT's career programs.


English language proficiency

All applicants must demonstrate English language proficiency prior to admission, including students educated in Canada.

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Available intakes

Fall 2024

Start dates:

Domestic students: Open
  • Application deadline: June 28, 2024
International students: Closed
  • Application deadline: May 29, 2024


2023/24 tuition and fees

The following costs are effective as of July 1, 2023. They are an estimate of tuition and fees based on the recommended course load per year.

Domestic students

Year Number of semesters Tuition fees Additional fees Total per year
1 2.5 $7,260 $1,800 $9,060
Total cost:

Year Number of semesters Tuition fees Additional fees Total per year
1 2.5 $20,844 $1,800 $22,644
Total cost:

Books and supplies are approximately $1,500 per full-time year.

This is a bring-your-own-device program with power user computer hardware and software requirement. See the specific requirements on our computers and laptops page.

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Application process

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Communication during admission

Email is the primary source of communication during the selection process. Ensure your personal email account is managed appropriately to receive our emails, files and communications. 

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