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School Directory

Academic Advising  403.284.8485
Lynn McKenna Supervisor, Academic Advising and Program Administration 403.774.5381 N701
Andrew Julio Academic Advisor 403.284.7162 N701
Gillian Peel Academic Advisor 403.284.7002 N701
Joey Post Academic Advisor 403.284.8349 N701
Vicki Norris Academic Advisor 403.284.7099 N701
Deanna Matity Academic Advisor 403.284.8743 N701
Victoria Morneau Academic Advisor 403.284.7309 N701
Margerri Pilao Academic Advisor 403.284.7123 N701
Colleen Rauscher Receptionist 403.284.8485 N701
Administrative Information Management and Office Professional
Dave Warner Academic Chair (Administrative Information Management and Office Professional) 403.284.8697 N709B
Business Degree and Diploma first year
Deepa Acharya Academic Chair (Degree) 403.774.4707 N1001D
Karen Baldwin Academic Chair (Diploma) 403.284.8597 N709B
Business Degree and Diploma Majors
Deepa Acharya Academic Chair (Marketing) 403.774.4707 N1001D
Gursher Pannu Academic Chair (Management and Human Resource Management) 403.774.5161 N601A
Jeremy Garton  Academic Chair (Supply Chain Management) 


Ross Humby Academic Chair (Scholarly Activity and Quality) 403.774.5112 N215C
Nicole Finnigan Academic Chair (Accounting) 403.774.5152 N501G
Bill Ross Academic Chair (Financial Services) 403.774.5269 N501J
Legal Assistant 
Kristine Kennedy Academic Chair (Legal Assistant) 403.210.5816 N901E
Program Assistants
Falara Peek Program Assistant 403.774.5159 N701
Shandra McQueen Program Assistant 403.210.4240 N602
Michelle Richards Program Assistant 403.774.5333 N701
Continuing Education, Distance Education and Professional and Leadership Programs
Russell Wright Academic Chair (Academic Chair, Continuing & Distance Education, Professional & Leadership Programs) 403.210.4479 NJ212
Joseph Macdonald Training Consultant 403.284.8404 NJ212
Colleen Wagner Training Consultant 403.210.4504 NJ212
Claudia Jungert Learning and Development Partner 403.284.7329 NJ212
Lynn Gee Program Administrator 403.284.5245 NJ212
Niamh Lyons Program Administrator 403.774.5432 NJ211
Nahida Charrouf Program Administrator 403.210.4340 NJ211
Lola Eleyinmi Program Administrator 403.774.5430 NJ211
Kathy Burke Program Administrator 403.774.4661 NJ211
Carol Page Curriculum Development Coordinator 403.210.5263 NJ212
Averill McPherson Purpura Curriculum Assistant 403.284.8405 NJ212
Stephen Ip Curriculum Branding Assistant 403.284.8124 NJ212
Business/Academic Technical Support 403.284.8307
Alan Oickle Technical Systems Analyst 403.284.7049 N210
Darrin Epp PC Support Specialist 403.284.8436 N910
Robert Martens PC Support Specialist 403.774.5009 N910
Richard Carlone PC Support Specialist 403.210.4353 N910
Marketing and Communications
Curtis Duncan Marketing Communications Lead 403.284.8410 N215B
Celene Carey Marketing Assistant 403.284.7166 N215
Academic Chairs
Brian Thompson Academic Chair (Industry and Strategic Partner Liason) 403.284.8085 NN211D
Jennifer Carlson Academic Chair (Innovation and New Ventures) 403.284.8410 NJ212
Patrick Meindersma Financial Analyst 403.284.8043 N708
Office of Dean and Associate Dean
Janet Segato Interim Dean 403.210.4505 N602
Sherry Williams Executive Assistant 403.284.8873 N602
Hamad Aljufairi Business Programs Operations 403.774.5379 N602