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Student performs ultrasonic test on item.

Non-Destructive Testing CGSB Exams


Available: Continuing Education Classroom

Program Description

Exams - The Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) exams are facilitated at the SAIT NDT exam center. To register for these exams, please contact our Exam Invigilator at 403.210.4344. These exams are industry specific and not available for general public registration.

For further information or to make an appointment, please call 403. 210. 4344 or email ma.info@sait.ca.

NRCan Materials & Processes Exam EXAM-109 Classroom or Online
Magnetic Particle Level 2 Practical Exam INSP-110 Classroom
Magnetic Particle Level 2 Theory Exam INSP-112 Classroom
CGSB Math Exam MATH-155 Online
Magnetic Particle Level 3 Theory Exam INSP-114 Classroom
Liquid Penetrant Level 2 Theory Exam INSP-130 Classroom
Liquid Penetrant Level 2 Practical Exam INSP-132 Classroom
Liquid Penetrant Level 3 Theory Exam INSP-134 Classroom
Ultrasonics Level 1 Theory Exam INSP-140 Classroom
Ultrasonics Level 1 Practical Exam INSP-142 Classroom
Ultrasonics Level 2 Theory Exam INSP-144 Classroom
Ultrasonics Level 2 Practical Exam INSP-146 Classroom
Ultrasonics Level 3 Theory Exam INSP-148 Classroom
Radiography Level 1 Theory Exam INSP-150 Classroom
Radiography Level 1 Practical Exam INSP-152 Classroom
Radiography Level 2 Theory Exam INSP-154 Classroom
Radiography Level 2 Practical Exam INSP-156 Classroom
Radiography Level 3 Theory Exam INSP-158 Classroom
Eddy Current Level 1 Theory Exam INSP-160 Classroom
Eddy Current Level 1 Practical Exam INSP-162 Classroom
Eddy Current Level 2 Theory Exam INSP-164 Classroom
Eddy Current Level 2 Practical Exam INSP-166 Classroom
Eddy Current Level 3 Theory Exam INSP-168 Classroom
Radiation Protection Exam INSP-171 Classroom
Radiation Safety Device Operator Theory Exam INSP-170 Classroom



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