How to make the most of Reading Week

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Whether you’re looking to get caught up on your studies or prioritizing some you time, here are a few tips from the experts #HereAtSAIT to get what you need out of these class-free days.

We’re currently five weeks into the winter semester. If the demands of work, school and life have you feeling drained, you’re not alone. Fortunately, Reading Week is just around the corner – ahhh no class from Feb. 20 – 24.

Remember, getting the most out of your week off from classes is totally individual and will probably look different from what your friends need. Think about what you’re craving most — are you feeling stressed from being behind in coursework? Catch up and get that weight off your shoulders! Is your well running dry? You can’t do good work if you’re burned out, so use the extra time to rest and do things you love.

For the person who needs to get caught up

The weekend calls, and there’s friends, work, family life or, yeah, binging the newest episodes of This is Us. In any case, there isn’t always a ton of time for assignments, right? We all have moments where we get a little behind. Here are some tips from the Lamb Learner Success Centre to ensure you get caught up!

1. Plan your catch-up schedule

It can be tempting to think you have lots of time to finish certain tasks. Instead of procrastinating, create a schedule in your calendar that includes small goals and specific work times to help you get caught up.

2. Set realistic goals

Setting attainable goals for yourself will provide a sense of accomplishment before moving on to the next task. It’s easier to tackle a big project or review a chunk of material by breaking the work up into smaller, digestible bits.

For the person who needs to rest and reenergize

If you’re feeling stressed or fatigued, this section is for you. Stress happens when we believe what’s required of us exceeds our ability. This can be caused by several factors, including work or school, feeling overwhelmed or by a loss of personal control.

Focusing on your overall health and well-being will make you more resilient and avoid fatigue. Try these tips and tools from Student Development and Counselling.

1. TAO Self-Help

Untangle life’s stresses and challenges with TAO Self-Help. TAO helps you manage your emotional well-being through a collection of courses to help develop your emotional resiliency.

2. Make sleep a priority

You need to take care of yourself – learning, thinking creatively and achieving your goals will become easier when you do. An essential component of maintaining your overall wellness and productivity is sleep. Sleep helps optimize energy levels, memory and learning ability. Try these tips to help you catch more Zs!

For the person who wants to get a head start

Where did the first month of the term go? Reading Week is a great time to get reorganized and set yourself up for success for the rest of the semester. Whether you’re a seasoned student or still trying to figure things out, try these tips from Learning Skills Services to make the remainder of the semester super smooth.

1. Check-in with your grades

Use this time to assess your progress in each course. Check out this guide to understanding your grades or try SAIT’s interactive grade calculator.

2. Look ahead

Get a head start and build a schedule that will help you succeed. Whether it’s on paper, in Excel, or Outlook, add the deadlines for each remaining assignment, project and test. Don’t worry about getting it perfect. Schedule some check-ins and you can adjust it based on what works best for you. Get more tips on how to set up your semester.

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For the person who wants adventure

Feed your inner wanderer, without even going too far. Having fun, trying something new or spending time outdoors are all part of self-care and can help hold off restlessness. Here are some suggestions to try out from the Student Development and Counselling team.

1. YYC Hot Chocolate Fest

Check out YYC Hot Chocolate Fest and be sure to try the Matcha White Hot Chocolate from the Odyssey!

2. Try a group fitness class

Group fitness is an excellent way to stay active and meet new people. With everything from Power Yoga to Zumba, SAIT’s Winter 2023 Group Fitness schedule is sure to have something for you!

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