Part one: Set up your semester

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The Fall 2023 semester is about to kick off. Whether this is your first term at SAIT or you’re coming back to campus, there are a few things you can do now to make your semester smoother. 

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Ready for part two?

From adding course details and deadlines to your schedule to polishing your LinkedIn profile — plan for success this term!

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Set up your study and learning space

Your physical environment can make or break your study sessions, so be intentional about it. Choose a spot free of distractions and comfortable (but not too comfy!). Try to separate your study area from the space you use for relaxation.

Create an environment that helps you focus:

  • Designate a single study spot to help you build your studying habit.
  • Look for natural light.
  • Make sure you have the proper technology, books and equipment.
  • Add some ambient noise instead of music, or music without lyrics — check out a study playlist on Spotify or YouTube.
  • Maybe include a few photos, a plant or even a pet.

📖 Learn more for the year ahead with the complete guide to studying.


Set up your phone

Get your phone ready for day one with all the apps you’ll need. Remember to add your SAIT email too so you don’t miss any critical reminders.

  • SAITALERT is the official safety app of SAIT. Find emergency info and contacts, and SAIT’s virtual safe walk. Enable notifications to receive alerts in emergency situations.
  • Brightspace Pulse app brings your course material to your mobile device.
  • Office 365 is available for all students and includes a whole suite of apps. Download Outlook to get your SAIT email to your phone and Teams to stay connected with your class.
  • Ellucian GO can be used to check your schedule, view final grades and get directions to buildings at SAIT.
  • headversity is your personal resilience coach and free to all SAIT students. Download it now and build your six skills of resilience.
  • Calgary Transit’s MyFare app is for eligible students to access your UPass using your mobile device.
  • Use the QLess app to check in to line at the Office of the Registrar at AA211 (second floor), Heritage Hall, SAIT main campus.
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💻 Find all the details to get your online learning tools and software set up too.


Organize your time and schedule

Often, we hear that students get overwhelmed later in the semester as the workload increases. Get ahead of it now and build habits and a schedule that will help you succeed later in the semester. Start with some important dates, add your class schedule, mix in some events you want to attend and all your own personal important dates too.

Don’t worry about getting it perfect, the best plans evolve as you go. Schedule some check-ins and you can adjust based on what works best for you.

Start with your planning tool of choice. It might be analogue (pen and notebook) or digital (an app on your phone) or maybe a mix of both. Whichever you decide, you’ll likely switch it up a bit throughout the semester as you discover what works best for you — which is all that matters. 

Remember the Office 365 apps mentioned above? There are more that can help you now.

  • Try Excel to categorize your classes, events, dates and deadlines, then colour code each one to your heart’s content.
  • If you want a calendar, then use Outlook to harness the power of reminders and block out your schedule – both for study time and downtime.
  • For that notebook feel, but still digital, try Notebook and flex your bullet journal 

For those looking for something more analogue you can still try a try a bullet journal, a small notebook you carry everywhere or a planner. Just make sure you have all the coloured pans, highlighters and post-its you need. 

  1. Add the important dates you’ll need to know.
  2. Add your class schedule from mySAIT.
  3. Add your life commitments: work, friends and activity.
  4. Review the event calendar and choose some to attend — we’ll also email a SAIT Update to you each week.
  5. Check in on your plan every so often to see how it’s going — maybe even schedule them weekly.

Get more time management tips to upgrade your schedule.

🛎Connect with an academic coach to get personalized support for time management and more.


Get to know your campus

Next week might be your first time on campus or this could be your last semester, either way there are lots of spaces, services and spots to check out. 

🏫 Office of the Registrar is where you go for things related to your student record.

📄 The Lamb Learner Success Centre is your stop for testing services, tutoring, accessibility services, academic coaching and financial advising. 

📚 The Reg Erhardt Library has more than books — you can find study spaces, research help, an apprentice exam bank and more.

💼 You came to SAIT to start or boost your career and we’re here for you — Career Advancement Services is home to tips, job posting, workshops and career advising.

👂 Don’t wait for things to get too tough, make an appointment with a counsellor at Student Development and Counselling to speak to someone for personal, educational or career counselling.

🏆 Applications are open now and you can get more info online or in person about Student Awards at SAIT.

🥪 Forget your lunch? It’s time to check out the Culinary Campus International Market — psst, it has breakfast too.

🗺 Most importantly, here’s your campus map.


Time for a refresh — Campus Centre Redevelopment project

We’re under construction SAIT is in the initial phase of a multi-year project to redevelop Campus Centre. The Wellness Centre will remain open until further notice, but the rest of Campus Centre is now closed.

👉 Learn more about the moves and the project — and stay tuned for updates.


Get involved now to make connections and expand your SAIT experience

There are so many different ways at SAIT to get involved we couldn’t list them all here. We’ve got peer mentorship, LEADS, clubs and more!

🤝 7 ways to get involved this term at SAIT

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