28 ways to make your day a little happier

Students smiling and holding up peace signs outside of the Stan Grad Centre while snow falls
Sure, it’s cold and still dark by 5 pm, but you can do at least one thing a day to give your mood a boost!

With the polar vortex on its way, spring still feels far off — and summer? A distant, sunny daydream. But you can fend off the worst of winter blues by committing to one daily mood-boosting activity throughout the month of February, and beyond. Stuck for ideas? Here’s a few to get you started!

Feb. 1 to 5:

  • Feb. 1: Create a playlist of your favourite songs that you know will give you a boost when you need one.
  • Feb. 2: Share the love on social — who made a difference in your life this week? Give them a shout out!
  • Feb. 3: Download the headversity app and flex your resilience muscles.
  • Feb. 4: Write down the best things that happened to you this week.
  • Feb. 5: Go to bed 30 minutes earlier tonight.

 Graphic showing a person sleeping with one arm cradling the pillow

Feb. 6 to 12:

graphic showing a person watching tv with the remote in one hand and a bowl of popcorn next to them

Feb. 13 to 19:

Graphic showing a person lifting a dumbbell above their shoulders and smiling confidently

Feb. 20 to 28:

  • Feb. 20: Call or text someone you haven’t seen recently.
  • Feb. 21: Soak up 30 minutes of natural light
  • Feb. 22: It’s Pink Shirt Day! Wear pink and lift each other up.
  • Feb. 23: Make Bannock and enjoy it with a friend.
  • Feb. 24: Take a mindful moment.
  • Feb. 25: Check your headversity app.
  • Feb. 26: Sleep in!
  • Feb. 27: Practice mindful breathing — inhale slowly, hold, exhale slowly.
  • Feb. 28: Pick your favourite activity from this list and do it again!

Graphic showing a person smiling and holding two thumbs up in front of them

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