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Trojans Intramurals, Club Sports and Esports

For the recreational athlete, SAIT Trojans and recreation coordinate many different sporting activities on campus throughout the year. 

The intramurals program is open to all SAIT and ACAD students and apprentices with a valid Wellness Centre membership. It's a great way to have fun, be active and meet new people.

Sign-up for intramurals as a team or as an individual at IMLeagues

How to register

Register early as availability is on a first-come, first served basis. 

Step 1: Create an account with IMLeagues

Download the SAIT Rec IMLeagues app for Apple or Android or visit IMleagues.com. If you're new to IMLeagues, create a new account for yourself:

1. Select SAIT on the school/organization drop-down menu.

2. Enter your first, last name and email address (it can be your personal or SAIt address).

3. Create a password.

4. Select your status - student (and year of study), staff or other, along with your graduate year if applicable.

5. The gender you identify with.

6. Submit and check for a confirmation email.

Once you have an account and login, you can easily check facility schedules, sign-up for intramural teams, drop-in classes, and view your schedule. 

If you do not create an IMLeagues account, you will not be eligible to participate in intramural games.

Step 2: Sign-up for an intramural sport

Login to your IMLeagues accounts and select Create/Join Team.

You can also visit imleagues.com/sait to see a list of current intramurals sports. Select the sport you wish to join and follow the instructions. 

Create/join a team

Team captains should create the team within IMLeagues.

Once a captain has created a team, they can invite members to the team by selecting Invite members on the team page. If team members have already registered with IMLeagues, captains can search for their name and invite them. Otherwise, they can invite them by email address. 

Team members should see the invitation from their captain when they select Create/Join Team. Accept the invitation here.

Team members must register with IMLeagues and accept the team invitation in order to participate.

Team captains need to ensure all team members are listed on the roster before the first game.

Join as a free agent

Participants can list themselves as a free agent in as many sports as they would like. You will be visible to all members on the site and can request to join teams or post information about yourself so teams can request you to join them. Free agents must attend the captains meeting. 

Sign the waiver 

All players must complete the online waiver in order to play. A waiver is required for each sport and each semester. 

Additional steps for team captains

Team captains are required to attend a one-time captain's meeting before the team will be scheduled for games. If the team captain cannot attend, he/she must ask another team member to attend in their place. 

Meeting Date
Winter term  Jan. 16, 2019 - Trojans Board Room Room V206, Campus Centre

The team captain must also pay the collective team registration fee in full. League fees are $75 (non-refundable) and applied to each team per semester and also go towards the year-end banquet. 

Fees can be paid at the Wellness Centre, Campus Centre, room V111. 

Team captains

Team captains are a vital link in the communication process between the intramurals staff and the individual participants. Captains are responsible for obtaining and understanding all intramurals information, passing it on to team members and keeping up-to-date on schedule changes. 

Captain responsibilities
Attend all mandatory meetings.
Relay schedule changes to your team.
Inform all players of policies, procedures and rules.
Ensure players sign-in on game sheets and signs to verify scores and fair play.
Ensure your team treats officials with respect.
Inform the intramural coordinator as soon as possible if your team is unable to attend a game by emailing intramurals@sait.ca.
Maintain a cooperative attitude with all intramurals officiating staff; serve as an example of good sportsmanship for others to follow.
Act as the first line of communication in game situations.

Intramurals eligibility

SAIT students All students currently enrolled at SAIT who have paid their activity fee in their tuition.
Apprentices/Continuing Education students Eligible to participate if they have paid an activity fee. 
Trojan athletes Individuals who are participating in any university/college level sport are ineligible for intramural competition in their sport during the academic year. For example, a SAIT Trojans basketball player cannot sign-up for an intramurals basketball tournament but can participate in a different intramural sport, such as volleyball. 
Professional athletes Individuals who currently compete in a formal manner without amateur status and/or are receiving any form of compensation are ineligible to participate in that intramural sport. 
SAIT alumni Are not eligible to participate in intramurals unless they are currently enrolled in SAIT classes and have paid their activity fee. 
AUArts students All full-time students currently enrolled at ACAD are eligible to participate in intramurals.

All players must play in at least one regular-season game to be eligible to participate in playoff games. 

A player who is injured during the regular season and cannot compete for a number of games must notify the recreation programmer immediately. 

Intramural schedule and special events

We offer a wide variety of social sports options for students to participate in during their schooling. Sports are offered during student-friendly times.

League Description
Rec - Open Teams in these leagues may consist of any combination of male and female students, faculty and staff who meet the specific eligibility requirements of intramurals play.
Rec - Co-ed Teams in these leagues must consist of a minimum of one female or male participating at all times. Open to students, faculty and staff who meet specific eligibility requirements of intramurals play. 

With the exception of our open leagues, some of our intramural leagues specify gender-based roster requirements, including a minimum number of women or men. For the purposes of our program, the terms ‘men' and ‘women' are inclusive of trans, gender-fluid, and gender members of our community. We've trained our staff to understand gender as a spectrum and encourage participants to take part in the programs that best represents their gender as they identify. We encourage participants to play where they feel comfortable.


Standings may change from week to week depending on wins, losses, ties and disciplinary action taken. Standings may also change with the ejection of teams, or additions of new teams starting with a new record. A team that merges or defaults continuously could affect the schedule. In the case this happens, the captain will be notified immediately.

Playoff schedules will be posted on IMLeagues.

Player/team recognition


Participants will receive intramural sports championship t-shirts for winning an intramural sports championship in any sport.

Athlete of the Year

Each year, intramural sports recognizes the male and female intramural sports Athletes of the Year at the Annual Student Intramural Banquet as well as multiple other awards. The Athlete of the Year Award takes into account intramural sports participation, success, sportsmanship, and attitude.

Intramurals policies and procedures

Code of conduct

The purpose of the intramurals program is friendly competition in a recreational setting. Self-control and proper conduct are required at all times. Unsportsmanlike conduct or other specified, yet inappropriate behaviour, occurring during the intramurals games will not be tolerated, and such actions will be handled by the recreation programmer immediately.

  • Any evidence of unsportsmanlike like behaviour includes violations of the honesty policy; profanity; threatening; shoving or hitting an opponent, official or assistant; excessive arguing; derogatory or abusive comments by players or spectators; unnecessary delay of the game; and any action with the intent to cause physical injury.
  • Possession and/or use of alcohol or drugs at an intramurals game is strictly prohibited. Teams found with alcohol or drugs or participants who are intoxicated will be removed for the remainder of the intramurals season.
  • Physical fighting is not tolerated in intramurals competition. Players who use aggressive physical violence in any intramurals game will be removed from the team roster for the rest of the intramural season. The player's team will be placed on probation. A second violation by any member on the probationary team automatically disqualifies the team from intramurals league competition for the duration of the season.
  • A player disqualified from the game for unsportsmanlike conduct must leave the area and be declared ineligible for play in an intramural game. The player shall be suspended and will not begin to play until after the suspended person has met with the recreation programmer. Failure to leave the area/facility may result in disqualification of the team captain, or forfeiture of the game. Any second occurrence of unsportsmanlike conduct by a team may result in team elimination for the remainder of the season. A team which participates with an ejected player in a regular season game shall forfeit that game. Suspended players may not be present in the facility during games while suspended.
  • To regain eligibility the ejected player must prepare a typed statement detailing the events that took place and drop off a copy of the statement to the recreation programmer. The ejected person will remain in suspension until that person has met with the recreation programmer.
  • Good sportsmanship and fair play are expected at all times.



  • Players ejected from a game for having three minor penalties during a game will be placed on probation immediately.


  • When a player is suspended for fighting, his/her team may be eliminated from the league.



  • Fighting leads to an automatic league suspension.
  • Any player physically or verbally abusing a minor official will receive an automatic suspension and may be ejected from the intramurals program.
  • If a player receives three (3) minor penalties during a game he/she will be written on the back of the score sheet in detail by the minor official and ejected from the game.
  • Pending suspensions will be written on the back of the score sheet in detail by that official.
  • Suspended players may not be in attendance for any intramural games while they are suspended.


  • The first default by a team will result in a warning or suspension from the league. A second default will result in suspension. Team captains are responsible to contact the intramurals office to work out any school-related scheduling conflicts.

Excessive swearing/abusive language

  • first offence: five minute major
  • second offence: game ejection


  • Pushing match is a game ejection.
  • Punching altercations will be an automatic league expulsion.
  • Equipment is thrown in anger:
    • first offence: game suspension
    • second offence: league expulsion

Appeal process

  • The recreation programmer will make all final decisions! 
  • Only team captains may appeal a decision.
  • All appeals must be made immediately after incidents and prior to the involved team's next scheduled game. No appeals will be accepted after this time.
  • Only captains may confront the official (in a respectful manner) to question calls made.

Abuse of officials

Abusive language directed at an official, teammate, opponent or a spectator will result in the automatic ejection of the offending participant from the game. A one-game suspension may also be assessed to that player. League
expulsion may be assessed at the discretion of the recreation programmer and intramural supervisor.

Any physical or continued verbal abuse of an official will result in suspension from activities assessed to the offending player. This includes heckling after the contest and/or away from the playing area. A trespass notice may be issued if violent or abusive behaviour continues. Further consequences may take place under the SAIT Student Code of Conduct.


One of the objectives of intramurals sports programming is to promote social interaction and fair play within the SAIT community. Although everyone is encouraged to play to the best of their ability and make every effort to win the game, the spirit of fair play is crucial. All participants are expected to adhere to an honesty policy with regard to eligibility, rules interpretation and administrative procedure. In order to encourage proper conduct and to
maintain control during the game, intramural officials and staff shall make decisions on whether to warn, penalize, or eject players of teams.

Fair play points

A fair play program was introduced in an effort to maintain a safe, fun and enjoyable atmosphere for all teams involved in intramurals. At the conclusion of each game, the team captains will rank the opposing team on a scale of 1 to 5. The officials will also rank each team and the rankings will be recorded throughout the season. At the end of regular season play, if a team has an average fair play ranking of less than three (3), the
team will not be eligible to participate in the playoffs. Furthermore, each team must maintain an average of three after each playoff round. If the team falls below a three fair play ranking then that team will be removed from playoffs and the opposing team (as long as their average is above three) will be declared the winner. 

Fair play ranking

Ranking Fair play points
Level one
  • The team demonstrated excessive aggressive and unsafe behaviour.
  • Team uncooperative and questioning almost every call.
  • Excessive penalties, constant verbal abuse and constant game interruptions.
  • Game not enjoyable to play or officiate.
Level two
  • One or two players showing aggressive and uncooperative behaviour.
  • Some discipline showed by fellow players, but not enough to improve the game.
  • Official(s) had problems controlling the team and the game.
  • Game not enjoyable to play or officiate.
Level three
  • The game was border-line in both enjoyment and safety.
  • Team, for the most part, played within the rules but they were constantly pushing the limit of the rules both physically and verbally.
  • In general, the game was OK but not too sure whether to officiate this team again.
  • Not sure if this is the team you would like to see in intramural competition.
Level four
  • Except for a few minor incidences, the flow of the game was not greatly disrupted and in general, the fair play of the team was good.
  • The official was not forced to intervene too much.
  • The play was on occasion more aggressive than called for.
  • The team needs to make a few small adjustments, but overall you would play/officiate them again.
Level five
  • Really enjoyed playing/officiating against this team.
  • The competition was great and the play was supportive and fair.
  • This team represents what Intramural competition is all about.
  • Would definitely play/officiate this team again.
Team roster

A minimum player requirement must be met in order for teams to retain their place in the league. Following the player registration period, players may continue to be added to the roster by registering at imleagues.com prior to gameplay.

Deadline to add players for the fall term:
Outdoor Sports: 
Other Sports: 

Deadline to add players for the Winter Term: 

All participants that are not on the original roster submitted during the player registration period must be added to the team's roster before they can become eligible to participate. Player additions must be submitted by the team captain. All player information is required before the player can compete including all waiver and FOIP forms. These additions must be made to the roster at least 24 hours before game time. The new additions may sign waivers at the game, prior to playing.

Joining your team on IMLeagues does not constitute as being added to the official roster. Participants who participate in intramurals without registering as instructed above will be considered an ineligible player and all games in which the player participates will be forfeit by the team. You must ensure you are approved before playing on a team.

Teams must not have any Intercollegiate athletes (ACAC) registered on their team in the sport the athlete competes in Only players registered for a specific team may play for that team. Borrowing players from other teams are not permitted. Suspended or expelled players are unable to participate. Borrowed players and/or team borrowing players may face penalties, suspensions or expulsions.

Sport rules

It is the responsibility of the participants to know the rules. Captains should also relay all rules and/ or any changes to team members.

Team names

When selecting team names, please make sure it is appropriate. Teams that are asked to change their names must do so within 24 hours or else won't be scheduled.

SAIT Ethics Policy on Dignity and Human Rights: We value the pride and esteem of all people and recognize the freedom, right to justice and equality of all individuals. As members of the SAIT educational community, we are responsible for the respect of all people, and for contributing to the highest possible quality.


A valid SAIT/ACAD card is the only acceptable identification for participation in intramurals. All team members must have proper student identification prior to a game. Any players with an invalid card will automatically be suspended and subjected to disciplinary action.

Zero tolerance for:

  • Players who participate in a game but are not on the team roster.
  • Players who participate in a game but do not have valid ID.
  • Suspended players who take part prior to serving the entire suspension.

Pinnies/jerseys must be worn by each participant during certain sports. Intramural participants must show a valid ID to obtain any equipment/jerseys.

Additional teams

A player may compete in as many sports as desired but only one team in each league. Individuals will need to decide which teams they will play for if scheduling conflicts arise during the regular season or during playoffs.

Playoff eligibility

To compete in the playoffs, an individual must have played in at least one regularly scheduled games for the team he/she is representing (their full name must appear on the game score sheet and roster.)

Forfeit games may be counted for the members of the team that did not forfeit.

All playoff teams must be prepared to play at any scheduled time and place during the playoff tournament. Teams may play two, three or four times a week. Specific day and time requests cannot always be granted.

Protest procedure

Protests may be considered if the following are followed. Any questions which concern the judgment of an official or activity supervisor are not adequate grounds for protest. A protest will be considered only if a question of proper procedure and/or error in the interpretation of a rule:

During an intramurals game, if a question is raised as to the proper interpretation of a rule of that activity, it is the responsibility of the team captain of the offended team to ask officials for clarification on the issue.

If clarification does not resolve the issue, it's the responsibility of the team captain of the offended team to immediately request the officials in charge of the contest to contact the intramural supervisor to settle the issue.

If the intramural supervisor cannot settle the issue, it is the responsibility of the team captain to declare a protest by emailing the recreation programmer.

The captain of the protesting team must then submit a formal protest in writing to the recreation programmer within twenty-four (24) hours.

The intramural staff reserves the right to handle any eligibility violations and/or rules and regulations compliance without formal protest. The recreation programmer makes all final decisions.

Teams showing up late

Teams are strongly encouraged to arrive early at the scheduled game site to complete the score sheet, show their ID, and prepare for the game.

For every 10 minutes that a team is late (i.e. not ready to start the game) 1 goal/point will be awarded to the opposing team.

If after 15 minutes, a team is still not ready to start the game, the game will default and the opposing team will receive a total of 3 goals/points and the team captain will be credited with the goals.

Postponements/game cancellations

Teams should check their email or IMLeagues under announcements to ensure games have not been cancelled.

There will be no postponements or rescheduling of
regular games due to the team or personal conflicts. The only postponements will be due to weather or scheduled by the Intramural Office due to unusual circumstances.

Teams will be notified ASAP. Opposing teams should
inform the office 24 hours in advance regarding attendance for the game.

Jewelry & other accessories

All jewelry that may pose a significant safety risk to participants must be removed (watches, necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, etc.) or taped over (nose rings, etc.) before participation in any intramural activity.

Jewelry that is not removable for religious or medical reasons must be made as safe as possible prior to the start of any contest. If a participant cannot remove these articles for any reason or make them safe, he/she will not be permitted to participate in the activity.

Zero-tolerance policy

Players or spectators are not allowed to challenge an official's decision or make abusive comments.

A game ejection (game misconduct) will be issued to any player who behaves in a hostile manner towards an official. The official has the discretion to ask the player to immediately leave the facility. If another game ejection is given to the same team, the team will default the game.

If a spectator challenges or harasses an official, the official will ask the spectator(s) to leave the facility immediately. The official will also inform the captain on the team they support. If the spectator(s) don't leave, his/her team will default the game. Security will be called for extreme situations.

Officials will write up an incident report for any game ejection and any subsequently defaulted game, including recommendations for further action. The recreation programmer will review the report and decide on any additional required action.

Alcohol and drugs are strictly prohibited. Any teams or individuals caught with these substances will be eliminated and penalties will be enforced.

Game officials

If an official does not arrive by the scheduled start time, no games should start. It is the expectation of the intramural supervisor of the program to make a decision on how to proceed at the time.

Ejection policy

The ejection policy shall be in effect for all activities and competitions and applies to the team and spectators. A game official has the right to remove a player or spectator from any contest if he/she believes their actions are going to interfere with the normal operation
of the game. This is to prevent further altercations from arising and may be called by any on - or off-field/ice officials at any time.

Misconduct or major penalty assessed to a team/individual is considered a warning to the captain to control his/her team.

For a player ejected, the team must play shorthanded for the duration of the contest. More than two ejections will result in that team losing by default.

In instances beyond the official's control (regarding the team and/or spectators,) games may be suspended and/or cancelled at any time.

Our extramural program is for individuals looking to compete on a social-competitive level with other post-secondary institutions or community teams.  Teams may travel and compete regionally.

Club sports eligibility and membership

Club sports are open for any full-time or part-time SAIT student, alumni or member of the public to join, however, there may be restrictions for some leagues. You must also be in good standing with your extramural membership fee. For more information, contact the recreation programmer.

Membership fees cover practices, t-shirts, jersey rentals and equipment use. All leftover funds are used to support team events and initiatives. 

Club sports teams and how to register


Coach: Brandon de Kireger


  • Season: September - November 
  • Tournaments: February 

To join the team

Email Trojans.Rugby@sait.ca to request to join the team.


Coach: Ron Coggan


  • November (Alberta Collegiate Championships)
  • February (Western Canadian Collegiate Championships)

To join the team

Email Trojans.Squash@sait.ca to request to join the team.




  • October (Outdoor Collegiate tournament)
  • February (Indoor Collegiate tournament)

To join the team

Email Trojans.Cricket@sait.ca to request to join the team.

Women's fastball

Coach: George Edwards


  • September - October  (Western Collegiate Softball Association)

To join the team

Email Trojans.fastball@sait.ca to request to join the team.




  • TBD

To join the team

Email Trojans.Curling@sait.ca to request to join the team.




The SAIT Trojans Badminton Club meets weekly on either Saturday or Sundays from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm. Email  Trojans.Badminton@sait.ca for up to date schedule. 

Saturday & Sunday - SAIT Aux Gym - 6 Courts 

All member of the Badminton Club and non-members also have access to the SAIT Recreation & Wellness drop-in open gym times from 5:30 am to 5:00 pm (Monday, Wednesday & Thursday) which is a shared drop-in time with Basketball. Please check with SAIT Recreation & Wellness desk for daily schedule updates. (Drop-in times can change without notice due to events and bookings).

If you are a student looking to get active, meet people and to play badminton please contact SAIT Trojans Badminton by emailing Trojans.Badminton@sait.ca to get connected with our great group of Badminton Club Members.    

To join the team

Email Trojans.Badminton@sait.ca to request to join the team.




To join the team

Email  Trojans.futsal@sait.ca to request to join the team.

Club sports policies and procedures

All members of club sports teams must be familiar with the SAIT club sports manual, including all procedures, policies and required forms. 

Read the SAIT Club Sports manual


At SAIT, we value equity, inclusion and diversity. SAIT acknowledges the commitment to representing the diverse communities we serve. We recognize the world of sport may not include all members of the LGBTQ+ community. And while we have gender-based leagues, they are inclusive of transgender and gender-queer persons. We encourage participants to play where they feel comfortable.


Email: campus.centre@sait.ca
Campus Centre, Trojans Athletics & Recreation Office 

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