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Innovation Spaces

Our facilities are available to support businesses in planning, product design and development, fabrication and prototyping, product testing, and technology verification.

Kinetica Innovation Centre (KICS)

Where lab space and guidance combine to advance clean energy technology startups and researchers to design, prototype, and test their proprietary technologies.

The Kinetica Innovation Centre at SAIT (KICS) is a facility that helps Alberta innovators and researchers design, prototype, and test their proprietary technologies.

This impressive 2,200 square-foot facility located on SAIT's campus with easy access to the LRT is designed to accelerate prototyping efforts by offering co-working wet and dry lab space, access to an array of SAIT testing and fabrication facilities, and entrepreneur and company development services through the Calgary Regional Innovation Network.

KICS helps energy innovators move their ideas from testing and experimentation to prototype development and companies from startups to going concerns.

The KICS lab offers co-working space for up to eight researchers or innovators. Space includes access to:

  • three fume hoods/chemical workbenches
  • mechanical/electrical workbenches
  • bench ventilation and vacuum systems
  • sinks, compressed air, natural gas
  • internet
  • common lunchroom
  • meeting rooms
  • fee-for-service testing and fabrication facilities

Program and facility highlights

A program that helps clients move from idea to prototype, the KICS program includes access to:

  • The Accelerated Prototype program: provides clients with a focused framework to develop their prototypes. Clients will receive support to develop and execute a detailed project plan that outlines budgets, milestones, testing, and other critical items.
  • Co-working wet/dry bench space: offers inventors and researchers affordable access to a secure lab environment with access to fume hoods, meeting rooms, and a lunchroom.
  • World-class research facilities, equipment, and talent: our ARIS department offers fee-based services for testing, fabrication or experimentation required during prototype development. Access to ARIS's specialized labs and equipment is complemented by collaboration with students and research staff.

Commercialization services

Fee-for-service access to specialized services and entrepreneurial development programs for members looking to develop a product and build a company. Services include:
  • intellectual property protection and development assistance
  • grant sourcing and development
  • industry technology championship
  • technology incubation mentorship and accelerator services.

Technology Demonstration Hall

The Technology Demonstration Hall (Tech Hall) was built in 2012 and is housed within the 440,000-square-foot Aldred Centre.

As part of SAIT's Applied Research and Innovation Services facility inventory, the Tech Hall is an applied research asset accessible to staff, faculty, researchers, and students on campus in any discipline. The facility is often used for collaboration with presentations made to business and industry partners.

The Tech Hall provides a high-tech audio-visual experience made possible by state-of-the-art sound and display equipment:

  • large-size video wall
  • multi-camera video-conferencing capabilities
  • microphone and speaker-assisted audio
  • lighting designed for optimum video quality

A digitized podium is a control panel and can be linked to a presenter's laptop. A mobile, lighting-equipped video camera and tripod are also available for two-way audio-visual streaming from remote locations.

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Our expert researchers, equipment, and facilities support business planning, product design and development, fabrication and prototyping, product testing, and technology verification, culminating in industry education and public outreach. 

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