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Students practice first aid on student.

Emergency Medical Responder


Available: Continuing Education Blended

Program Description

Emergency Medical Responders (EMRs) are an essential part of the foundation of Emergency Medical Services in Canada. EMRs are often associated with volunteer emergency services organizations, and in rural or remote areas may be the sole provider of emergency services in a community. Often termed "first responders"," EMRs may be responsible for initial assessments, the provision of safe and appropriate care, and arranging or providing the safe transport of a patient to the appropriate health care facility. Provincial EMR registration is recommended to continue on to the primary care paramedic level, and is encouraged or required for many other emergency services job profiles, including firefighters and police officers.

SAIT's EMR training includes: emergency medical services, ambulance operations, patient assessment, basic life support, trauma and medical emergencies, geriatrics, environmental, psychological, and special situations.

SAIT's EMR program combines online-managed self-study of theoretical concepts with mandatory classroom lab days where practical skills are taught and assessed. Students must be motivated and organized to learn the required material through self-directed study and skill practice.


You have up to five years to complete all certificate courses. You must meet the graduation requirements as they exist at the time you register for your first course (see AC.3.1.1 Grading and Progression).

Admission Requirements

Standard First Aid with Healthcare Provider Level C CPR or Standard First Aid with CPR Level C. SAIT Course CPRS 225. (We will also accept Heart & Stroke, St. Johns, Red Cross or Life Saving Society certificates)

To complete Part 2 of the Emergency Medical Responder program, students must demonstrate their compliance with the following requirements:

  • 18 years of age
  • English 30-1 or 30-2 or equivalent
  • Math 10 Pure or 20-1 equivalent or Math 20 applied or 20-2 or equivalent
  • Biology 30 or equivalent
  • Driver license - Class 5 GDL removed

Students who do not have all the high school level requirements will be given opportunities to complete these at SAIT or other institutions. Students are asked to submit their documents at the time of registration. Please contact us directly for further assistance at 403.210.4009 or hps.info@sait.ca

Part 1
Emergency Response Fundamentals EMRG-001 Classroom
ITLS Basic Provider EMRG-102 Classroom
Part 2
Advanced Emergency Response EMRG-003 Classroom


School of Health and Public Safety

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