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Architecture of a Queen: A monument for the future

Summer session in 1926




The future looked incredibly bright for Calgary in the early 1920s, and the construction of a majestic new home for the Provincial Institute of Technology and Art (PITA) was a testament to that. Taking shape high above the bustling city, and built in the Collegiate Gothic style, the school’s castle-like qualities were unlike anything anyone had seen in these parts before.

A century later, Heritage Hall remains a crown jewel on the crest of the North Hill. Join Heritage Calgary CEO, Josh Traptow (AIM ’11), and Calgary historian and author David Finch as they sculpt out details of the structure, explore the inspiration behind its architectural origins, and reflect on what it meant to Calgarians 100 years ago.


Writing, production, sound design, vocals and composition by Ron Tarrant.
Research and writing by Astrid Gagnier, Alyssa Athanasopoulos and Kris Ferguson.

Photo Gallery

Photographs courtesy of SAIT Archives. Feature image is of a class photo of a 1926 summer session at PITA.

Heritage Hall plaque unveiling, 1986.
First Nations figure looking outward from overtop the eastern corner of the main entrance of Heritage Hall.
Surveyor figure looking outward from overtop the western corner of the main entrance of Heritage Hall.
Moulding featuring tablet flowers within the arches.
Moulding featuring tablet flowers.
Demon handles, another detail reflective of the neo-gothic architecture style of Heritage Hall.

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