Why SAIT should be your first choice, according to a business student

SAIT student Katleah Talusan is smiling in a blue SAIT sweatshirt

When Katleah Talusan faced the decision of choosing a post-secondary school to pursue business, SAIT emerged not only as an option but as her first choice. The institution's top-ranking reputation and hands-on approach to learning influenced her decision to enroll in SAIT's Business Administration program. But don't just take our word for it — we had the opportunity to sit down with Katleah and here's what she had to say.

What has made your SAIT experience valuable?

We work on real-world projects in our courses, handling client creative briefs and creating social media campaigns that we present to the client. This practical experience highlights the importance of applying marketing strategies in the real world. I appreciate how we're encouraged to be creative and think outside the box while also maintaining realistic expectations. It's excellent preparation and experience for marketing students like me.

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What sets SAIT apart from other institutions?

SAIT stands out because they prioritize practical, hands-on education for students. This approach is significant because it prepares graduates to be job-ready when they finish their studies. SAIT also promotes a strong alumni community, which is valuable for connecting current students with recent graduates, facilitating connections and mentorships.

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Have you had any opportunities for extracurricular activities or practical training through SAIT?

Yes! In my second semester, I was an active volunteer for the SAIT Students’ Association (Saitsa) and served as a student leader in SAIT's Student Engagement LEADS program. These experiences allowed me to meet new friends from different programs, receive guidance from mentors for professional growth and attend fantastic on-campus events. It helped me strike a balance between my studies and personal life.

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I also had the privilege of working alongside SAIT's Marketing team, Student Engagement team and staff from the International Centre. I met so many amazing and supportive staff members from these various departments at SAIT. To be honest, these experiences made a significant contribution to my personal and professional development while studying here.

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What resources or support services are available to SAIT students? Have they helped you succeed academically and personally?

There is an abundance of on-campus resources available to support students. Whenever I needed guidance or advice about my career after my studies, I turned to Career Advancement Services. They offer in-person practice interviews and assistance to refine students’ resumes and highlight their skills. The International Centre’s advising team was also a valuable resource for me. They provided informative webinars that offered useful reminders about the do's and don'ts of being an international student.

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Do you think SAIT should be the top choice for someone interested in pursuing a degree in business?

SAIT should definitely be a top choice for those seeking a business education. SAIT’s business programs are designed in collaboration with various industry partners making them highly relevant to the job market. SAIT offers high-quality education that focuses on practical learning in a welcoming environment, which is particularly important for international students like me.

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